How to check curfew pass status?


Status of curfew application

If you have not applied for a curfew, you can fill out a curfew application form here – Curfew order for travel .

The Delhi government has introduced a new pass for those traveling on the Corona virus curfew order. However, certain rules and regulations must be followed in order to obtain a curfew order.

After applying for a curfew ticket, people are now ready to check their curfew status to begin their journey. However the curfew law has not been updated on the government portal. The Jantanwad website There is no option to check curfew pass status online. Further, You can now apply for ration coupon on website.

Can I check the curfew online?

According to the Delhi government website, you cannot check the curfew pass status online. If you have applied and you have an application number, you can verify the status of the curfew order by calling the toll free number of Jantasanwad portal.

However, the Delhi government has provided a corona virus helpline for any kind of help.

To check the status of ePass, you can contact the Corona virus helpline for more details.


How to check curfew status?

There are no online services to check curfew order status. Therefore, use the following corona virus helpline number for details on curfew order status.

To verify curfew order status, use the following numbers –

  • 011-22391014
  • 011-22301028
  • 011-22302441
  • 011-22307133
  • 011-22304568
  • 011-22307745
  • 011-22307135
  • 011-22307145
  • 011-22300012
  • 011-22300036

For more details, go to the following page – Delhi Government Family Welfare Website.


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