How to create youtube channel and make money

How To earn money from YouTube

Before you know about How to create a Youtube channel,you should know some basic things about Youtube. Youtube became a most popular platform to earn money.Because it is easier to use and also attractive.Today in my article you will learn about how to create a youtube channel and make money easily.It will take only few second to create a account in youtube . Creating a well-managed YouTube channel with consistent content can help businesses grow better, but doing it right is just as important. Here’s how to do it step-by-step.

Creating videos is only half the battle. You also need a place to publish them to be easily accessible to your audience. As YouTube is the most popular video hosting site, knowing how to create a YouTube channel is essential to get started on your journey.

It isn’t enough to upload and publish a video in two clicks. You also need to understand the inner workings of the YouTube platform to ensure that your channel presents your brand in the best light.h

Why Should You Create a YouTube Channel?

YouTube channels are nearly essential for any business that is looking to ramp up its video marketing efforts. By setting one up, you have the perfect place to host your videos and share them with eager, relevant audiences.

But why are so many  turning to video marketing? Well, video marketing has shown impactful results for their business. In 2021, approximately 87% of companies saw a positive return on video marketing

Create a personal channel !how to create a Youtube channel and make money:

Follow these instructions to create a channel that only you can manage using your Google Account. 

  1. Sign in to YouTube on a computer or the mobile site.
  2. Click your profile picture  and then Create a channel
  3. You’ll be asked to create a channel.
  4. Check the details (with your Google Account name and photo) and confirm to create your channel.

The core components of a successful YouTube account include:

  • A clear focus for the channel (i.e., designated for a specific business or organization)
  • High-quality videos that engage audiences
  • Optimized titles, tags, and descriptions
  • Polished profile photos, headers, and playlists
  • Traffic to the channel from other owned channels


How to Create a YouTube Channel and make money Step by Step explanation

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to dive in and start creating your own YouTube channel.

These steps will guide you through the process of bringing your channel to life. By following this guide closely, you’ll finish with a professional YouTube channel that showcases your business or organization in the best possible way.

1. Create Your Account

To get started, visit and log into your Google account. This first step is simple and gets you going on the right path.

To create an account, you need a functioning email address linked directly to your YouTube account. This first presents you with a decision: Is this a business YouTube account or a personal account? Your answer will dictate the type of email address you use.

Before creating your account, you should consider the purpose of your YouTube page. Reflect on the following questions:

  • What type of videos do you plan to post?
  • Who do you want your subscribers to be?
  • How do you want to be presented?

To create a personal YouTube account, you can use your personal email. To create a company YouTube account, use your work email or a generic company email like


Once you log in with your email after visiting, you’ll see that your channel is already live. Click the Customize Channel button to open up your channel dashboard and begin personalizing the channel for your business.


2. Update Channel Name and Description

With your account created, it’s time to make your business or your personal account channel.

The first thing you need to do is update the channel name to something that reflects the subject matter of the type of content on the page.

By taking this step, you’ll ensure that the public will be able to find your channel by searching the name of your business or organization.

To start, click Basic Info on the top menu. You can now update your channel name, description, and URL.

Next, it’s time to focus on branding your page to depict your company or personal account accurately.


You need to upload three important branding images: picture, banner image, and video watermark.

You’ll want your YouTube page to be an extension of your brand. Thus, this step is critical to ensure that all your digital properties carry a unifying message.

Channels with high-quality images as their picture, banner, and watermark look more inviting and professional for passive viewers. They might be lured in by a memorable profile picture or banner and stay to check out some of your videos.

To upload these images, click the Branding tab located in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

How to Create a Logo for Your YouTube Channel

Consider what photo or logo will represent your channel. It’ll appear in numerous places, including every page that hosts your video and the comments you add.

To begin designing, you can use software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. If you aren’t interested in designing independently, you can crowdsource the design using a service 

How to Create YouTube Channel Art

Another important element on your YouTube channel is your banner image.


For your banner image, you should consider how you can expand your brand and build on the style of photo you used for your profile picture. You could use a photo or a custom graphic with illustrations that highlight your brand.

This graphic will appear at the top of your page, located behind your profile picture. The graphic should be at least 2048×1152 pixels and less than 6 MB.

How to Create a YouTube Channel Icon

Your icon is an element of your logo that symbolizes your brand.

You should consider what type of icon you want to use for your video watermark. A video watermark will appear in the corner of every one of your videos. Ideally, this would be different from your profile picture, but you could also use the same one.

With a watermark, your audience will be able to identify which videos are uniquely yours quickly. The watermark helps create consistency across multiple videos, tying them back to your account.

These images are critical in ensuring the success of your YouTube account. With branding across your channel, you’ll create a streaming hub that extends your brand or business.

4. Upload Your Videos

After all, your audience will only visit your page if it hosts engaging video content. Thankfully, the steps to upload a video are simple and easy to follow.


First, save your video file to an easily accessible place on your computer. It can be your Documents folder, on your Desktop, or even in your Downloads. All that matters is that you can access it in a few clicks.

Next, go back to your channel and click the Create button in the corner of your screen.

After you’ve hit the Create button, a screen will pop up, inviting you to select the file that you want to upload:

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