How to do Aadhar Verification 2021

How to do Aadhar Verification 2021

How to do Aadhar Verification 2021

Aadhar Verification is a service of UIDAI that is available to Aadhar card holders through the Resident Portal. This is called Aadhar card verification in English. If you want to verify the Aadhaar card, you can use the information mentioned here. E-source downloaders must use a UIT number. If you have registered, check the Aadhaar card with the registration number.

How to do Aadhar Verification 2021? – Aadhar card verification

If you want to verify the Aadhaar card, use the method mentioned here –

  1. To go
  2. Go to the Resident Portal page.
  3. Open the Aadhar Card Verification Form
  4. Click to verify a reference number.
  5. Enter the 12 digit UID (1234/1234/1234).
  6. Check the captcha.
  7. Click Continue to verify and complete the Aadhaar verification.

So friends, you know Aadhar verification method without Aadhar connected mobile number. Source verification can be done online through this process. In the next post, we will also tell you about the Udyog Aadhar verification method.

How to do Aadhar Verification 2021-Why is source verification necessary?

Advantages of Aadhaar verification Sometimes when we register Aadhar online, some misinformation is lost in it. We do not know if the date of birth, name, parents’ name, address and other information are incorrect. Aadhar card verification is the process of detecting false information about your Aadhar.

Aadhar Verification Also known as Aadhar Card Verification. This process also has the advantage of getting information about the correction on the Aadhaar card.

Aadhar Verification Form Online – How to do Aadhar Verification 2021

If you wish, you can also fill up the Aadhar Card Verification Form online. For this you need to go to the website of UIDAI portal. There you will find the online application form. You will need to submit your reference number on this form. With the help of that number you can submit the Aadhar Verification Online Form.

You should know that Aadhar Verification Form and Udyog Aadhar Verification are different things.

How to do Aadhar Verification 2021- Frequently Asked Questions

How is Aadhaar verification done?

There is a verification option on the official Aadhaar card portal. You can check the source online.

Who can verify their source?

Anyone who has registered Aadhar card can do his verification. This requires a registration number or reference number.

Has the source been verified offline?

Yes. If you wish, you can also do offline resource verification. For this you need to visit any CSC or Aadhar Card Center.

Do you need a fingerprint to verify the source?

You do not need a biometric or fingerprint for online verification. For offline source verification, you need to do fingerprint verification.

I need to check the Aadhaar card, what should I do?

You can view the UIDAI portal online or check at the nearest Aadhar Card Center.

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