How to download music from Play Store?


If you want to download video songs or Hindi songs from the Play Store, you need to install the online music download processor. There are many free music download apps in the Play Store. All you have to do is download those mp3 songs and install the mobile application on your Android phone and then download the free music.

How To Download Music – Play Store MP3 Download

How to download music from Play Store?

  1. Open the Play Store

    First, you need to open the mobile application of the Google Play Store.

  2. Find the song app there

    After that you have to type in the song app in the Play Store and search. Once you search, you will get the option to download the song download processor.

  3. Install the song app

    After that you need to click the Install button. The free music app will start downloading on your phone.

  4. Open the app and register with the mobile number

    After this you need to open the music download app and register. Enter your mobile number and verify.

  5. Search for your favorite songs and download music

    After that you can search for free song and download music song for free.

Download music songs

To start the download, say “OK Google” and give this command – “Play from Play Play” After saying this, many song download processors from the Play Store will come in front of you. You can download any of them by selecting the app. YouTube video download software Are here.

How To Download Video Songs For Free? – Video song download

If you want to download video songs for free, you need to open the YouTube app. YouTube is a free video streaming application where you can get all the new video songs for free. YouTube has now also offered the option to download free video songs. You need to click the download button below for any video.

If you press the download video song button, the song will be saved offline on your phone. After this you can watch that video song for free without network anytime.

Guys, downloading YouTube video songs for free from any other website is considered illegal in India. There may be provision for punishment for this.

Free Mp3 Download Apps

If you are looking for the best music download app, here is the list. This list includes dj song download apps and mobile apps to download free mp3 songs. Install any of these free mobile applications and download free music –

  • Ghana App
  • Spotify App
  • Sound Cloud App
  • Hungama music application
  • YouTube Music App
  • Wink Music Application
  • Geosawn Music Application
  • Google Play Music App
  • Shasham App

Music Download Questions

Can I download free music?


Yes, you can download free music if you are using a legitimate app.

How to download music from Play?

If you tell Google – Download Music from Play it will give you a list of the best song download apps.

Is it legal to download video songs for free?

If you do not download song videos from any illegal website, it is legal to download video songs for free.




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