How to find PF number 2021

How to find PF number 2021

You need to check the pf number Log in to the UAN Member Portal You will get information about your PF account number where you have to do it. You can get the PF number online by PF call number or PF UAN number if you wish. Today we will give you this information in Hindi. Today we will learn how to find PF number and get UAN number online. Cheque – EPF demand level .

How to find PF number 2021 – Check PF number online

If you have your EFO UAN number, you can remove your PF number by visiting the UAN Member Portal. To do this you must first log in and go to the Member Interface Dashboard. After that you will know the PF number from the UAN number.

How To Find PF Number Online

  • First go to the UN portal.
  • Enter your UAN number and PF login password on the login form.
  • Then click the View option.
  • Go to Services.
  • Open the Service History option.
  • Your PF account will appear on the next page.
  • The service history will be given in it, where your PF number will be obtained.
  • So friends, this way you can know your PF number.

My Check the presence of pf Here

How to find PF number 2021 in Hindi – PF Account Number Details in Hindi

Each person in the EPFO ​​has an account number in their provident fund. This is like a bank account number. We call this PF number or EPF number. There are many ways you can get PF number information. Above is how to get PF number online if you want. Also, you can contact the office for PF number information in Hindi.

How to find PF number 2021

How to find PF number 2021-How to get PF number?

Guys, whenever you work in a new place, your employer will set up a provident fund account for you. After your registration, 12% of your salary goes to the PF account. When that PF account is opened, you will receive the PF number. This includes the participation of both. You have to pay half the money and half the money to your employer.

PF Number – Frequently Asked Questions

How to get PF number?

When you open your futures deposit account at EPFO, you will receive a PF number or PF account number.

UAN number and PF number one?

No, UAN number and PF number are two different numbers. While each person’s UAN number is always in the same place, his unique PF number was created to work in different places.

Status / Office / Installation Code / Extension Code / Personnel Code

All of these codes are in the EPFO ​​PF account number and in any person’s PF number. The state code is the code of his state. The office code is the code of the branch of the office. The company code is the code of the company you work for. The extension code is the code of your workspace. Employee code is your code that is different for each employee.

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