how to open dispute on aliexpress ? Full guide 2021

how to open dispute on aliexpress ? Step by step guide 2021

AliExpress provides his customer  a “Buyer Protection” program that guarantees the quality of goods and services. In case the purchased products don’t meet the criteria of quality, AliExpress makes a refund.

To take compleate benefit of this “Buyer Protection” program and receive compensation for a faulty product or poor service, you need to open a dispute.

how to open dispute on aliexpress ?

how to open dispute on aliexpress ?

To open a dispute on aliexpress, you need to Sign In and click on My Orders on the home page . This will open a page showing all the orders you have made on AliExpress. On the right-hand side of the disputed order, there will be several options. Click on the Open Dispute link. Here is the step by step guide to open dispute on aliexpress below.

  • Log in to your AliExpress account 

    • To open a dispute, First log in to your AliExpress and then go to “My Orders”. Here you can see the details on all your AliExpress orders details. The  “Open Dispute” button will to the right of the product’s name. It will be available for both open and finished orders. Here how to open dispute on aliexpress ? step 2
  • Check the “Purchase Protection” timer

    • You can see the time period of the purchase protection on the “View Detail” page. To visit there, click the link above the order in question. The refund will be impossible when “purchase protection”  end.

      Before opening a dispute, always make sure that there is enough time to hold the dispute. You need to have at least 15 days on this timer. Here how to open dispute on aliexpress ? step 3

  • Select an order

    • Choose the problem order in the orders’ list and press the “Open Dispute” button. It’s displayed in My Orders section as soon as the order is sent by the seller (you can check it in the “Logistics information”. The “Departure from Warehouse”  means that the order has been already sent).
  • Fill in the dispute form

    • By clicking on the “Open Dispute” button you go to the dispute form you have to fill in. Select the checkboxes that describe your problem best. There are all possible reasons of AliExpress disputes listed. Choose the one which is most relevant to you.



    • If you did not receive the product, it is to easy too open a dispute. You simply put “No” in the first question and choose “Full Refund”.

      If you have received the goods and you have doubt about their quality (size or other points), then mention that you received the order. Select a relevant & perfect reason of the dispute in the second question.

      The “Open Dispute” form will be available in different languages. You need to fill in the text field in English. Remember that the Chinese sellers (or AliExpress management Team) might have difficulties understanding your query if you use other languages. Of course, they use online translators, but everyone knows that how inaccurate the result may be.

      Pay special attention to the “Add attachments” field. You can use it to attach a required files. You need to provide evidence of your problem (that’s why it’s always important to take a video of unpacking goods from online stores or at least take photos). Attach some good quality pictures of faulty goods showing that the size is wrong or the other problems differ from those indicated in the description. The evidence is very important for receiving a full refund. Here how to open dispute on aliexpress ? important step

  • Wait for the seller’s reply


    • After filling  the dispute form and submitting the application, the next step follows. All you have to do it wait for the seller’s reply. What may be their answer?

      The offer may suit  your requirement  then you may agree (by clicking the “Agree” button). If you are going to agree, make sure that all the conditions are clear to you, and the seller has not made any changes to the application. Sometimes sellers change the refund amount to $0. If you agree with that, the dispute will closed, and you get nothing. Sometimes sellers will make some promises,and make you agree, and eventually the sellers will be disappear. So not to be fooled with that, first get what the seller promises, and then agree to his offer.


      The offer may not suit you. If you did not reach an agreement, let’s consider the next step.

    • Make a counteroffer.
    • The seller may keep silent (within 5 days from the  opening the dispute) or agree. Either of the variants means you will won the dispute and the refund procedure has already begun.

  • Dispute Escalation


    • This Dispute Escalation button will appears as soon as the seller answers. This button is exactly what you need. Always Remember that you will not be able make any changes when you escalate the dispute. The case will goes to AliExpress representatives. The “Judges” might examine your case for several weeks.

      They may request additional information from you and the seller. You will always have some time to provide it (don’t forget to check the timer). We will recommend you for checking the status of the dispute once a day.

      The seller may also make some new offers while the case is being reviewed. You can accept or refuse them according to your mind.

  • AliExpress decision


    • After all the necessary evidence has been provided, all you can do is to wait for the “verdict”. You will receive an email when the decision is made.

      It’s easy to win a dispute and get a refund if you fill in the application properly and provide all the necessary evidence. Unfortunately, if you get a the refund, cashback from AliExpress will be cancelled.

      We wish you good luck and honest sellers on your way!

how to open dispute on aliexpress ? Watch video for step by step guide

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