How To Remove Shramik Card 2021

How To Remove Shramik Card 2021

How To Remove Shramik Card 2021

Mastur card or Shramik card is made in states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. You will receive this card after labor registration. In this scenario, if you want to know how to get a labor card or make a labor card online, today we will tell you how to create a labor card and what are its benefits. This card is also called a labor registration card. Check the labor registration status here.

How To Remove Shramik Card 2021 – Shramik Punchiyan Card

What is a Shramik Punch Card?

Labor Registration Card is issued by the Government of Madhya Pradesh at The Madhya Pradesh government continues to implement the government program for workers. This includes many programs such as employment and rations. To take advantage of these schemes, every worker must have a card called the Shramik Registration Card.

Shramik Punchian Card Ki Jankari

How To Remove Shramik Card 2021 – shramik card kaise nikale?

Time required: 20 minutes.

To create a labor card, you need to go to the Sambal Portal or Shramik Portal in Madhya Pradesh. There you will find information about labor card registration. You can also avail the help of Jan Kalyan Portal or Naya Savera Portal to get the Labor Card. The new webmaster Immigrant The application form for making the labor card is available on the Shramik Portal.

How to get a labor card?

  1. Visit the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister’s Migrant Labor website

    Go to There you will find the Pravasi Shramik Portal, the website of the Madhya Pradesh Government Migrant Workers Register.

  2. MP Download the Survey and Registration Form of Migrant Workers

    In the section above the website, you will find a link to download the form for the project. Click on it to download the Madhya Pradesh Migrant Workers Registration Form.

  3. Enter the Samakra ID to extract the Labor Card.

    If your registration is done on the Samakra portal, workers will enter your Samakra ID. With Samakra ID, workers can register and remove the labor card.

  4. Enter the labor registration information on the labor card.

    Enter labor registration information such as worker name, reference number, mobile number. This information will be on the labor card.

  5. Submit the signature and form of the Immigrant Labor Applicant.

    After writing all the information, complete the work card registration. You can do this with the labor card online.

Get a labor card using the method above. If you want to know how the labor card is made and what are the documents in it, here is the list of labor card documents.

Shramik card kaise panaye ya nikale

Documentation – Documentation and information required to make an MP Shramik card online

It is necessary to give this information on the MP Labor Card –

  • Worker’s Joint ID
  • Name of Migrant Worker
  • Mobile number
  • Source number
  • date of birth
  • Planning status
  • Information on the labor of organized / unorganized / building construction work
  • Factory / Industry / Information about the worker working in the factory
  • MNREGA Job Card Number
  • Bank account number
  • IFSC Code
  • Declaration and signature

How To Remove Shramik Card 2021- Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a labor card?

Register at the Online Labor Portal or Sambal Portal and produce a Labor Card.

How to get labor registration card information?

You will find information about the Labor Registration Card on the Chief’s Immigrant Labor Portal.

What are the benefits of Madhya Pradesh Government Labor Card?

The advantages of the Labor Card are that with this card you will get the benefit of all government labor and labor schemes.

Who can register for a Labor Card?

Organized, unorganized and workers working in building construction or factory, they can create labor card.

How to remove the labor card?

You can extract the labor card from Samakra ID or Shramik ID.


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