How to view service book on Manav Sampatha 2021

How to view service book on Manav Sampatha 2021

Human Resource Service Book Human Resources Portal is available in all states of India like UP (Uttar Pradesh), HP (Himachal Pradesh) and other states where you can view your e-Passbook or Service Book Passbook. This online service is available in all states and all states under the name of Boss Service Book. You need to know the employee code for the Human Resource Service book. Find out – How to check service book in Hindi on Manav Sampatha Portal. Cheque Order me

This service book is also known as the service book of government employees.

How to view service book on Manav Sampatha 2021 online

How to view Uttar Pradesh Government Employees Service book online?
To view the online service book on the Sub Manav Sampatha Portal, do this –

  1. Visit
  2. Go to EHRMS Login
  3. Select the field name
  4. Directorate / Leadership Quarterly
  5. Enter the human property user ID
  6. Enter the human resource password
  7. Click the Sign In button and go to the Employee Dashboard
  8. Click on the Employee Service Book Profile link
  9. Enter your eHRMS code
  10. Fill out Form 12 and submit it to Service Book Verification
  11. After this Manav Sambada can see his service book
Human Resource Service Book UP

This way you Log in to the Human Resources Portal See your service book on the dashboard. Click here to check the service book online.

How to view service book on Manav Sampatha 2021-Manav Sampatha HP Service Book

If you live in Himachal Pradesh and would like to view your Human Resource Hub service book, use the rule mentioned here –

  1. Visit
  2. Open Genpimis Portal
  3. Go to employee search
  4. Open the search and see the Employee and Service Book Form
  5. Select the field
  6. Enter the employee code or name
  7. Find the name of the employee assigned to the district
  8. Click the Search button
  9. Check out your HR hop service book
Manav Sampatha HP Service Book

This method can only be used to view the service book of government employees in Himachal Pradesh. It will not be used in other states. Click here to view –

Human Estate Employee Details Form PDF

The Employee Report Form for Manav Sampatha Human Resource Management Organization can be downloaded in PDF here. For this, the current post details of the employees and the personal information of the employees should be given.


Click here to download the PDF of the Human Resource Personnel Details Form – Download Tamil

How to fill up Human Resource Form?

The procedure for filling up the Human Resource Form is as follows –

Filling out the Human Sampada Form
  • Visit the Human Resources Portal
  • Download the Employee Profile Form
  • Enter employee registration details
  • Provide information on staff deployment
  • Enter personal details of the service
  • Write your full address
  • Announce service start
  • Enter educational details
  • Submit your service history i.e. work history
  • Enter your vacation details
  • Fill in the form with information of departmental actions against you
  • Provide staffing and award details
  • Sign and submit your form

According to these rules, you can fill out the Human Resource Personnel Profile Form.

How To Check Human Sampada Form Status – Human Sampada Form Status

To verify the status or status of the form in human resources, you must use the method mentioned here –

  • Visit the Human Resources Portal
  • Go to the General Window option
  • Select the TruePaper / P2 option
  • Enter your Human Resource Form number on the next page
  • Your form status will be known there.

This way you can check your HR leave application status or Form status. In that option you are also given the facility to check the PI status. In addition to the service book, these services are available on the Human Resources Portal.

Cheque NREGA List

How to view service book on Manav Sampatha 2021-Human resource document upload problem

You are trying to upload a document in human sambada, but if you encounter any problem we will tell you how to upload the document in human sambada.


How to view service book on Manav Sampatha 2021-How to upload documents in Manav Sampada?

You must first log in to upload documents on Human Resources. Sign in to EHRMS and submit your form there. After this you will get the option to upload the documents there. Keep a copy of the document you want to upload, it should be in JPG or PDF. Click the Upload button.

  • Go to my profile on EHRMS
  • Click the Upload Documents option
  • Select the document type.
  • Select the educational document or other document
  • Select the document type
  • Type the release date
  • Please provide a certificate number
  • Enter a description of the document
  • In the Document File option, select File
  • Choose between capture, complete action, voice recorder and files
  • Click on Files and select your Human Document Document
  • Click Submit

Your form will be automatically uploaded to the Human Resources Portal.

Document upload is suspended for today’s meaning

The error of uploading the document has been blocked today for a few days due to human resources. You should read this information if you face a similar problem. Document uploading facility in Hindi is currently discontinued. This is due to some technical problem. Once the issue is resolved, the document will be restarted on the Manav Sampatha Portal.

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