HP Farm Protection Plan 2021 Application

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Himachal Pradesh Farm Protection Scheme 2021: – It is often seen that the agriculture of the farmers is being destroyed by the wildlife and livestock. The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh has implemented a new scheme across the state to address this issue. The name of the project Himachal Pradesh Farm Protection Plan 2021 There is.

We will provide you with this through our article today hp Farm Protection Plan 2021 Under providing complete information for submitting your application form. In addition, we will provide you with complete information about the application form and the list of required documents to be submitted along with the eligibility rules. If you want to take advantage of this program to protect your fields from livestock, read our full article.

Himachal Pradesh (HP) Chief Minister Keth Sunrakshan Yojana

Wildlife and livestock are often seen destroying farmers’ crops after sowing crops in the fields. Farmers are unable to earn an income as their crops are scorched. Thus his family is in financial crisis. The family of the farmer has to face many difficulties for maintenance. To get rid of this problem, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Jai Ram Singh Thakur has implemented a new scheme across the state.

The name of the project Himachal Pradesh Farm Protection Plan 2021 There is. According to documents released by the state government for the project, action will be taken by the Department of Agriculture to protect farmers’ fields from livestock. In these activities, the state government will install solar panels around farmers’ fields. This solar fence will work on solar energy. The government will put a fence around the fields and put electricity in it. This current will only be there to scare the animals. This way no animal or livestock will die but the crops will be safe.

Benefits of the HP Chief Ket Sunraction Plan

Launched by the State Government of Himachal Pradesh Farm Protection Plan 2021 Under this the following benefits will be provided to the farmers.

  • The state government will set up a solar fence around the farmers’ fields.
  • Farmers do not have to pay any fee to set up such solar fences.
  • Under the scheme, power lines will be installed near the fields to prevent livestock from entering the fields.
  • The current in a solar fence like this does not kill any livestock or animals.
  • Solar fences do not cause death to animals.
  • This fence will be set up only to scare the animals.
  • By HP Khet Protection Plan 2021, farmers’ crops will be safe.
  • Farmers will earn an income by sending safe crops to market, which will improve the financial status of their family.
  • 80% of the cost of installing a solar fence around your farm will be subsidized by the state government.
  • The project will work for the agricultural system and its protection in the state.

Eligibility for HP Chief Ket Sunrakshan Yojana

State farmers should set up solar electric fence around their fields Chief Minister’s Farm Protection Plan 2021 All eligibility conditions set by the government

  • The farmer applying should be from the state of Himachal Pradesh.
  • The farmer’s field should be in the middle of the forest or on a livestock path.
  • The government will provide 80% of the cost of setting up the solar fence.
  • The farmer should own agricultural land.
  • The family of the farmer should be below the poverty line i.e. under the BPL category.
  • The applying farmer should have all the documents of his cultivated land.
  • The farmer must have a compulsory bank account linked to the Aadhar card.

Documents for HP CM Khet Sanrakshan Yojana 2021

Farmers in Himachal Pradesh HP Security Plan 2021 Those who wish to avail the benefits by submitting their application form under it should also submit the documents given below.

  • Farmers’ Aadhar Card
  • Basic address proof
  • Address proof
  • All land documents
  • Copy of Farmers’ Bank Account
  • Copy of ration card

Apply for the HP Chief Keth Sunrox Plan

Launched by the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Farm Protection Plan 2021 To apply, follow the guidelines given below.

  1. To fill up the application form under KET Conservation Plan 2021, you must first visit the official website of the Department of Agriculture, Himachal Pradesh. http://hpagriculture.com/ To be continued.
  2. Once you reach the website, you will find a link on the main page to read the guidelines under this program, which you have to click on.
  3. After that, a new page will open on the screen, in which you will receive the registration form.
  4. Now you need to upload a soft copy of the document along with the application form.
  5. Finally you have to submit your application form online by pressing the submit button.

You can easily follow the procedure above Himachal Pradesh Defense Plan 2021 You can submit your application form below. After reaching your application form department, all the information provided by you will be verified by the authorities. If all is well, further action will be taken by the Department of Agricultural Safety. For more information and assistance regarding the project, visit the official website http://hpagriculture.com/MMKSY.pdf Please visit


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