ICMR Govt Portal Registration 2021

ICMR Govt Portal Registration 2021

ICMR or the Medical Research Council of India has its own ICMR portal where you can register and sign in to check your CV status. In addition, there are various updates regarding the Govit-19 vaccine that you can check. Today, we are going to talk about ICMR Govit-19 portal or Govid portal and online ICMR registration process, ICMR portal login and other services.

ICMR Govt Portal Registration 2021 – cvstatus.icmr.gov.in

The government has launched a new ICMR Covid portal that will update all Covid-19 data. You can view your CV status on the ICMR Covit-19 portal page. For that, you should know the following details.

Name ICMR Covit-19 Portal
Initiated by Medical Research Council of India
Managed by ISRM Division of ICMR
Type Government Health Department
Purpose Covit-19 data
Official website link https://cvstatus.icmr.gov.in/
ICMR Govt Portal Details

ICMR Govt Portal Registration 2021-ICMR Portal Login-Covit-19 Portal CV Level Test

Checking the CV status can be done using the official login details provided by the ICMR Govt Portal Login ISRM. To log in, visit the official website CV Level ICMR Government. Then on the ICMR CV status page, they have to authenticate using their login credentials. After that, they can check the CV status.

ICMR Govt Portal Registration 2021

The ICMR CV level portal login process is as follows –

  • Go to the ICMR website
  • Visit the ICMR Covit-19 data portal
  • Open https://cvstatus.icmr.gov.in/
  • Enter your ICMR Portal username
  • Enter your ICMR portal password
  • Click the Sign In button.

If you have any problems logging in or registering with the ICMR Portal, you can contact the ICMR Covit-19 Portal Helpline at the following email address- [email protected] .

ICMR Govt Portal Registration 2021-ICMR Covit-19 Experimental Laboratories

ICME has set up various Govt-19 testing laboratories in India to test blood samples for Govt-19 virus. If you would like to test for Covit-19, you can contact any local ICMR Covid Test Lab facility.

ICMR Govt Portal Registration 2021

How to find a list of approved ICMR Covit-19 test labs?

  • Go to the ICMR portal
  • Visit https://covid.icmr.org.in/
  • On the map, select your location for the lab
  • On the right side of the page, look for your state or district
  • From the list of ICMR approved Covit test labs, select a lab
  • You will get the lab address on the screen.

Download the complete list of ICMR accredited laboratories for the Covid-19 testClick here to download

ICMR Portal Registration-Covid-19 Kit Verification

ICMR has installed an ICMR portal for Covit-19 Kit verification. You can visit the login page of the ICMR portal and check the Govit-19 kit there. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a new account using the ICMR Covit-19 portal registration page.

Here’s how to do ICMR Covid Portal registration online.

  • Go to https://cvtestkit.icmr.org.in/register.php
  • Open the registration form
  • Find ‘Register a New Member’
  • Fill out the ICMR form with your details
  • Select whether the kit is US FDA approved
  • Select the verification purpose
  • Enter your name
  • Enter your email, mobile and password
  • Select your country and state
  • Select your Govit-19Kit company to register
  • Provide GST number
  • Select the kit type for the registration process
  • Submit the form
  • Complete ICMR Govt Portal Registration Process

After that, you can go to the ICMR Kit Verification Portal and sign in using your new details.

ICMR Govt Portal Registration 2021

ICMR Covit-19 Portal Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICMR?

ICMR stands for Medical Research Council of India. It is a government body for medical research in India.

What is ICMR Govt Portal?

ICMR Covid Portal is a website launched by ICMR for Covid-19 related information and services.

Can I check the list of approved laboratories on the ICMR portal?

Yes, you can go to the ICMR portal and check the ICMR approved Govt Test Labs.

How can I contact ICMR?

ICMR-91-11-26588895 / 91-11-26588980, 91-11-26589794 / 91-11-26589336, 91-11-26588707

Where is the ICMR headquarters?

ICMR Headquarters is located at –
Medical Research Council of India
V. Ramalingaswamy Bhavan, PO Box 4911
Ansari Nagar, New Delhi – 110029, India

Check more –

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