IFHRMS login 2021

IFHRMS login 2021

IFHRMS Login Home – The Government of Tamil Nadu has established an online portal called IFHRMS. IFHRMS stands for Integrated Financial and Human Resource Management System. The official website of the IFHMRS login page is https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/web/tnta/oamlogin. In this article, we are going to talk about the treasury login process and details.

The IFHRMS login homepage can be accessed at www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in.

IFHRMS login 2021

How to login to IFHRMS Tamil Nadu?

  1. Go to https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/web/tnta/oamlogin
  2. Find the login form on the left
  3. Enter your IFHRMS user ID
  4. Enter your password
  5. Click the blue button

You can sign in to the IFRMS Treasury website as follows. If you do not have your User ID and would like to obtain an IFHRMS Login ID or Password, please use the helpline number.

IFHRMS login 2021

IFHRMS Login 2021 Schedule

If you want to log in to the IFHRMS login page, there are two index pages –

  • Treasury IFHRMS Login Home Page
  • IFHRMS TMS page

IFHRMS TMS login details are as follows –

  • Go to http://e-sr.tn.gov.in/TAD-EUSS007/index.php
  • Enter the user ID and password
  • Log in to the DMS account

For any IFHRMS login issues, please contact the following number –

IFHRMS login 2021-IFHRMS Pensioner Login

How to sign up as a pensioner on the Treasury IFHRMS login website?

  • Go to https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/ login page
  • Open the login form
  • In the User category, select Retirement.
  • Enter your PPO number
  • Enter your user ID and password
  • From there log in to the IFHRMS Pensioner Login Portal.

IFHRMS details

Full Form Integrated Financial and Human Resource Management System
Official website https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/
Power Department of Finance, Government of Tamil Nadu
Department Department of Treasuries and Accounts

IFHRMS helpline

If you have any problems with the IFHRMS website or login, you can contact the Treasury IFHRMS customer support number. The following helpline number is given on the official website of Karuvoolam.tn.gov.in – 04440172172

IFHRMS fields

The following Tamil Nadu related services can be availed using IFHRMS login option. Here is the list of all Heads of Departments under Finance –

  • Treasuries & Accounts
  • Local financial audit
  • Small savings
  • Pension
  • Cooperative Audit
  • Government Data Center
  • Chief Auditor of Legal Boards

IFHRMS pay slip

How to download payment slip from IFHRMS portal?

  • Go to the IFHRMS login portal
  • Log in to Karuvoolam.tn.gov.in TNTA OAM page
  • Also, on the IFHRMS page, click Open
  • Select the Finance option on the next page
  • Open ebsprd.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in
  • From the next page, click on the Parole option
  • Click Results
  • Open the Payroll Results page on the IFHRMS Login Dashboard
  • Select a period name
  • In the Bill category, select Regular Salary
  • Search in the payment group
  • Go to the Payslip option and click on Document Link
  • Download IFHRMS Bill Basilip in pdf format

How do you download the IFHRMS Bill or Payslip from the IFHRMS Login Page on the Treasury Portal?

IFHRMS Payslip Details

The following details can be found in the download PDF payslip or bill –

  • Employee Name
  • Employee No.
  • Mail
  • Office Name
  • GPF number and CBS number
  • Salary details including duty pay, income, housing allowance, medical allowance, total amount and net salary credit.

IFHRMS login 2021

IFHRMS login 2021-IFHRMS DDO Template

In IFHRMS, the DDO template guidelines are as follows –

Who Head of Office
D.T.O. Drawing and Distribution Officer
வீசு Chairman, Commissioner of Revenue Administration
Don Tax deductible account number
Fell Office of Finance and Accounts
Sports Housing rent payment
CCA City Compensation Scholarship

IFHRMS DDO template login

To sign in to the IFHRMS DDO v3 template portal, use the following process –

  • Go to http://e-sr.tn.gov.in/IFHRMS_DDO_Template/
  • Enter the TO or PAO code
  • Enter the DDO code
  • Enter the password.
  • Log in to the IFHRMS DDO template portal.
IFHRMS DDO Template Portal Login

IFHRMS login 2021-IFHRMS Treasury NSD Change

According to the latest update of Karuvoolam.tn.gov.in IFHRMS portal, the new NSD change has been announced.

For the February 21 payroll, the NSD is separated from the payroll. Henceforth, there is no need to mark the retry for corrections in the NSD.
A new screen is provided to update the NSD. The user manual has been uploaded on the portal for that. Click here to view the document. (Source – karuvoolam.tn.gov.in)

IFHRMS login 2021

IFHRMS login 2021-Epayslip IFHRMS

Government of Tamil Nadu and Department of Treasury provide online e-mail slip through the website https://epayroll.tn.gov.in/ If you would like to receive your Epislip, use the following procedure for IFHRMS –

How to get Tamil Nadu Epyslip?

  • Go to http://epayroll.tn.gov.in/
  • From the Tngepay website, go to the login form.
  • Click the Epayslip option.
  • Open ePayslip (tn.gov.in)
  • Enter the embosser and select the suffix
  • Enter the date of birth
  • Click the Sign In button.

On the next page, you will find the IFHRMS Firefly system where you can download eBasilip.

ifhrms epayslip
IFHRMS login 2021

IFHRMS Login Questions

What is the official website of IFHRMS Login?

The official website of the IFHRMS login page is https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/web/tnta/oamlogin.

What evidence is required to log in to IFHRMS?

Evidence required for IFHRMS login Account username and password.

Can we reset the user ID if we forget it?

Yes, you can reset your account ID using the ‘Forgot User ID’ option.


I forgot my IFHRMS login password, what to do?

Please visit the official website and then go to the Password Forgot Password link. Submit your user ID and get the password on your registered mobile number.

How to create a bill in IFHRMS?

To create a bill on IFHRMS, you must be logged in as a Financier Initiator. Go to the Financial Option, then the DTO Option, and then pay the Bill Group Option. There, you can create the bill.

How to add festival advance on IFHRMS?

Go to the IFHRMS portal and then Oracle EBS. In the HR option, select Preset and select Other Preset. In the Festival Advanced Total Entry option, go to the Call Webdate option and enter the details to add the Festival Advance in IFHRMS.

How to add gpf in advance in IFHRMS?


Go to the IFHRMS portal and open the section in advance. Open the WebADI option, where you can update GFF in advance on IFHRMS.

How to add arrears and waste to Ifhrms?

First, go to the IFHRMS login page and then log in as a DDO user. Go to the Financial and Wage Service option. There you will find the option for outstanding amount and deduction. Add from page.

How to add an employee to IFHRMS?

Go to the IFHRMS login homepage and then sign in with the financial boot ID. Go to the Finance and Payment option and select the Employee option. From there, add a new employee to your IFHRMS account.

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