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The Government of Tamil Nadu offers pay slip download options to its employees through the official website IFHRMS login page. Once you visit the official website of the Tamil Nadu Treasury, you will be given a page where you can login to your billing account through e-parole facility. Here is the detailed process of downloading Bay Slip in PDF format.

How To Download IFHRMS Ticket Online?

To download Pay Slip or Pay slip through TN IFHRMS website, use the following process –

  • 1. Go to http://karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/web/tnta/home.
  • 2. Enter the user ID and password.
  • 3. Open the 4th tab called IFHRMS
  • 4. Click the Financial Option for Payroll Bill
  • 5. Now, open the last option called Payroll
  • 6. Click the Results option.
  • 7. Enter the DDO code
  • 8. Enter the name of the period
  • 9. Provide salary bill type
  • 10. Enter the Bill Group to download the pay slip,
  • 11. Look for an employee for a pay slip
  • 12. Now go to the payment area
  • 13. Download IFHRMS Ticket in ZIP format and add image
  • 14. Extract the ZIP file to get the pay slip in PDF format

So the IFHRMS payment slip can be downloaded PDF online through the Treasury website.

What is a Bay Slip?

A pay slip, also known as a pay slip, pay slip, or pay slip, is a bill that an employee receives from an employer. IFHRMS provides pay slips to government employees so that their salary or pay for a particular month can be determined.

IFHRMS pay slip details

The following information is available on the pay slip downloaded from the IFHRMS portal –

  • Employee Name
  • Employee No.
  • Mail
  • Office Name
  • GPF number
  • CPS number
  • Payment details
    • Duty pay
    • Dear Allowances
    • Housing rent payments
    • Medical allowances
  • total amount
  • Net pay was paid
  • QR code

All these details are available in the IFHRMS monthly slip.


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