Information about Bihar Earth App 2021

Information about Bihar Earth App 2021

Information about Bihar Earth App 2021

Bihar Earth App – Government of Bihar Kasra Katani To see or The file was rejected A website has been developed for Bihar earth information. Although there is no Android application of Bihar Earth in the Play Store, some private apps have been put up under the name of Bihar Earth App. Today we give you some information about Bihar Earth Processor in Hindi. Know how to download and use Bihar Bhoomi application.

Information about Bihar Earth App 2021-Bihar Earth Online App Details

Bihar Bhoomi is an internet application which can be opened through the official website of Bihar Land Transformation Department. The Bihar Earth Processor can be accessed through the following website –

Information about Bihar Earth App 2021

Bihar provides services such as land use –

  • Mutation details of the land
  • Takil Karij Details
  • Land registration details
  • Bihar Land Kasra Details
  • Bihar Land Gate Details
  • Jamabandhi details

Cheque Bihar Kisan Fees

Information about Bihar Earth App 2021-How to use Bihar land use

If you want to use Bihar Bhoomi application without downloading, you need to use the method mentioned here –

  • Bhoomi village of Bihar Check these out
  • There View your account Select the option
  • Select the option of Jamabandhi
  • Select your district
  • Select the block or region
  • Submit the requested information and get the information from Bihar Bhoomi application

Information about Bihar Earth App 2021-Can I download Bihar Earth Processor or not?

If you wish, you can bookmark the Bihar Government of India website. This will create an icon on your mobile phone. That bookmark can be used as a Bihar earth processor.


Apart from this, many private Bihar land applications are available in the Android Store, but there are a lot of difficulties in using those applications. That is why we recommend that no private Bihar land should download Android Processor.

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