Information in Coronel in Hindi 2021

Information in Coronel in Hindi 2021
Information in Coronel in Hindi 2021

Patanjali in Karon is Baba Ramdev ji’s new Govit-19 kit. The drug in the new corona is advertised as Patanjali Corona Medicine or Corona Kit. But the AYUSH ministry spoke out against it. Here, you will know all the details about AYUSH Ministry of Pat Medicine Coron Kid Medicine and Latest Coron Updates in Hindi.

Patanjali’s medicine has been introduced in Coron or Coron. With the pill in the corona, there is a corona kit, which is said to cure corona disease. But the AYUSH ministry says this is fake news. In fact the kit in Patanjali Coron is registered in the name of cough and fever medicine. For the same disease, the Ministry of AYUSH issued a renewed drug license. We offer Patanjali Kit updates in Hindi. Read on for the latest news. See – Order the app for me

Information in Coronel in Hindi 2021- Information about Coronel in Hindi

In Hindi it is called Koronil Koronil or Koronil. It is named in Hindi because it is an Ayurvedic medicine. Baba Ramdev has registered Coronel by the Ministry of AYUSH, but fake news is being spread about it. This is called Spurious in English.

Patanjali in Hindi means Medical Spurios

Fake in Hindi without true or false information. The word Spurious is used here because there is a lot of confusion about the Patanjali Corona Kit or the Kit in the Corona.

Information in Coronel in Hindi 2021 – What is in Coron Medicine?

Information in Coronel in Hindi 2021

The drug, which is sold by Kit in Coron, offers three types of treatment. It consists of tablet, drop and fade. Vaadi is a pill in Ayurveda but it is made by hand. Read information about the content of Patanjali Medicine in Corona Kitty Corona here –

Content in the Patanjali Kit in Coron

  • 1 Coron tablet box
  • 1 Swasari withered
  • 1 Anu Thila

Hence the overall coronary Patanjali content – Coron tablet, Swasari Vadi and Anu Thaila.

Information in Coronel in Hindi 2021-Price of medicine kit in Patanjali Coron

What is the price of the drug in Patanjali Coron?

The price of the medicine kit in Patanjali Coron is around Rs.600. You can order online through Patanjali’s online application or website. You can also get this medicine at Patanjali’s shop.

Information in Coronel in Hindi 2021

Update of the Ministry of AYUSH on Medicine in Patanjali Karon

According to an update from the Ministry of AYUSH, it is not true that corona can be cured by medicine in Patanjali Corona. This update was released by the Ministry of AYUSH, and the drug is patented in the Koran and licensed only for the common cold and cough.

Other than that, Kirone is not said to cure Kit Corona. The claim claimed online is false.

Do not believe such news before the next news or update of AYUSH Ministry.

Information in Coronel in Hindi 2021

Information in Coronel in Hindi 2021-Medical Improvement in Baba Ramdev Karon

Baba Ramdev has said that coronavirus can be cured by medication. Baba Ramdev has a license for medicine in Patanjali Corona, but according to the AYUSH Ministry, the drug is not licensed to Corona.

Baba Ramdev promotes Coronel but its new update has not come yet. Here is the information about the latest updates –

Date Medical device update on Patanjali Coron
23 June 2021 Baba Ramdev promoted medicine in Koron
23 June 2021 Baba Ramdev said give an autobiography with the corona, it will benefit the corona
23 June 2021 Update on Corona fraud by the Ministry of Life
23 June 2021 The Ministry of AYUSH has banned the promotion in Koran. The ministry says the fraudulent promotion of medicine in Coron is being carried out due to confusion and misrepresentation.
24 June 2021 Baba Ramdev said that Coronel should be investigated and only then should it be rejected. Any update message should be brought in only after a thorough investigation. He says the corona is healed by the corona.

Patanjali Medicine in Karon – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coronal Medicine?

Tawa in Patanjali Koron is a new kit released by Baba Ramdev.

Does Patanjali’s medicine in coronavir cure corona?

A statement from the Ministry of AYUSH said such a request could not be accepted. Until this is proven, it cannot be said that Koran can be cured by the Patanjali Kit.

What is a medical upgrade in Coron?

This is what Baba Ramdev said in the update on New Coron – a thorough investigation is needed first, do not reject the drug without testing.


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