Information on rejection of Bihar filing 2021

Information on rejection of Bihar filing 2021

Information on rejection of Bihar filing 2021

The official website has been created to view Bihar land information or Jamabandhi. You can see the situation in Bihar being rejected and rejected. Along with this you can also get information about Bihar Takil Karij Online Application Form. You can view the official website lrc bihar and submit the rejected application status at Today we give you complete information about it.

Information on rejection of Bihar filing 2021-Information on rejection of Bihar filing

Information on the rejection filed in Bihar can be found on the website of the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms. To do this, go to the Bihar Earth Government website. There you will find the link to MIS Record 2. When you visit the same link, you can see the information on the district map. On the page of the district map, you will find information about the rejected Bihar filing.

The filed Bihar details were rejected

There you will find all the facilities related to filed dismissal –

  • View your account
  • See Jambandi Register
  • See Account and Jambandi Record
  • Jambandi Panchi Kesra Vice Details
  • Online Filing Rejection Application

Here are the details of all these facilities. Go below to get detailed information about the rejections filed.

Information on rejection of Bihar filing 2021

Rejected Status Filing – Takil Karij Online Bihar Status Test

Information on rejection of Bihar filing 2021

To check the status of Karij filed in Bihar, you should use the method given here. For this you need to know your district name, land information and Bihar Poo Naksha details.
How To Check Carriage Status In Bihar Online?

  1. Visit the Bhoomi Go Inn in Bihar
  2. Open MIS Record 2.
  3. Remove the district map to the discarded state.
  4. Select your district name
  5. Select the circle / zone
  6. Open the Registration-II Report Form of Bihar File Rejection
  7. Choose a light name and a funny name
  8. Enter the current page number
  9. Choose how to draw a topographic map
  10. Enter the Jamabandhi number
  11. See Bihar filing rejected status

This way you can check the rejected Bihar online status filed. Click here to view –

Information on rejection of Bihar filing 2021 – Requirements

If you want to see Bihar Flower Star or Jamabandhi, you need this information to file for rejected Bihar status –

  • Partial current
  • Roy’s name
  • Account number
  • Jamabandhi no
  • Current page number
  • Flat number

If you do not have any information, you can use this option — see All Post-2 by name. With this option, you can view rejected Bihar information without any account number.

Information on rejection of Bihar filing 2021-Filing of rejected fees Bihar

Takil Karij Fees in Bihar – Fees are fixed for land related matters in Bihar. We get some information from Here is the information about the rejected fee filed –

  • There is an arrangement to take the rejected Bihar fee of twenty rupees filed by the Circle Officer and issue the account book. This fee must be deposited in the landlord’s circular office.
  • If any settlement relating to land takes place in court, a stamp of five rupees shall be affixed in lieu of the rejected fee.

Online Filing Rejection Application – Takil Karij Online Application Form

Bihar You have to fill up an application form to file the rejected application online. Before this, you need to go to Bihar Bhoomi Coin and register new or not. Its information is given here.

How to make Bihar land register?

  1. Visit Bihar Earth website
  2. A link to submit a rejected application online can be found in the menu
  3. Click on that link
  4. Click Register at the bottom of the login form
  5. Enter the information in the user registration form
  6. Submit your Bihar Land Registration Form

After this you can create a new application form or file a rejected Bihar application online.


Information on rejection of Bihar filing 2021

How to file a rejected application in Bihar?

You must log in to the application form. To visit Bihar Bhoomi website, visit – Click here to login .

How to file a rejected mutation Bihar?

To apply for a mutation online, do this –

  • Visit
  • Open the login page
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter the password and sign in
  • Click Apply for mutation
  • Fill out the rejected application
  • Upload documents and use mutation

Information on rejection of Bihar filing 2021-Bihar files rejection details in Hindi

Service name Bihar files rejection information
Ministry Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, Government of Bihar
Government Government of Bihar
Beneficiary Holders of Bihar land
Official website
Helpline 18003456215
Office address Department of Revenue and Land Reform,
Government of Bihar
Old Secretariat, Bailey Road, Patna – 8000015
Official email [email protected]

Information on rejection of Bihar filing 2021-Bihar Taqil Garij Frequently Asked Questions

What is a File Rejection?

Rejection of filing is called land transfer in English. These are land related documents.


Who was sacked in Bihar?

In Bihar, the dismissal service is provided by the Revenue and Land Reforms Department.

How to check the status of a rejected application?

Go to the application level link at Bihar Bhoomi Government Hotel and select the district map. After this you can see the status of the rejected application.

Is there a charge for filing a rejection?

Yes, you have to deposit the rejected fee filed by Bihar.

Check more –


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