Jan Suchana Portal App 2021

Jan Suchana Portal App 2021

John Suchan Portal App Jan Sushna Portal App Developed by the Department of Information Technology and Communications. We will tell you about the Jan Suzanne portal application, which aims to provide the public with complete information on all government programs. John Susanna App Publish Rajasthan Launched on 13 September 2019 by Chief Minister of India Ashok Gelad. He was addressing the public at the Birla Auditorium. Processor Opened.

Jan Suchana Portal App 2021 – John Suchana App in Hindi

Ordinary people can easily get small and big information about all government services at home. By taking the lives of ordinary citizens through the Jan Sushna Portal App Government program Along with services, self-sufficiency is also essential.

For your information, we can tell you that the Jan Sushna Portal App is the only portal where the government provides information about all projects to the public.

Jan Suchana Portal App 2021

Jan Suchana Portal App 2021-Benefits of using the John Susanna Portal – Benefits of using the John Susanna Portal

This portal provides immediate information on the projects of 13 departments to all the public sector. Other departments will be linked to this.

This move by the Government of Rajasthan for the common people is highly commendable as there will be transparency between the public and the government regarding the work and projects being done by the government. The benefits of this program are as follows –

  • Corruption will be less.
  • Under this, ordinary people can sit at home and avail the services as it is an online portal.
  • The life of the common man will become much easier.
  • You do not have to visit government offices often.
  • This move will greatly help the progress of India.
  • This information is completely free on the public information portal app and website, which will save people money and time.
  • Any general person can use this portal in the district of his state Grama Panchayat You can also get information about.

Jan Suchana Portal App 2021- John Suchana App Services

The following services are available on the John Sucha mobile application. You will benefit from these services if you download this processor.


Jan Suchana Portal App 2021

Services available on the John Souchna Portal Processor –

  1. Govit-19
    (Govt. 19)
  2. Beneficiary of the Public Security Pension
    (Social Security Pension Beneficiary)
  3. Mahatma Gandhi NREGA workers
    (NREGA workers)
  4. S n. S. M (toilet user)
    SBM (Health Beneficiaries)
  5. E-Panchayat
  6. CM Drugs & Testing Program
  7. Ayushman Bharat-Mahatma Gandhi Rajasthan Health Insurance
  8. Right to Information
  9. Public Distribution System Ration
    Public Distribution System (Ration)
  10. Debt waiver for Rajasthan farmers
    Rajasthan Kisan loan waiver
  11. Short term crop loans 2019
    Short term crop loan 2019
  12. Purchase and payment from farmers at minimum support price
  13. Department of School Education
    Department of School Education
  14. Information of special persons
    Special Skills Person Information
  15. Palanhar Project and Beneficiaries
    Palanhar Project and Beneficiaries
  16. Social Security Scholarship
    Social Security Scholarship
  17. Labor card holder
    Labor card holder
  18. Mining and DMFT
    Mining and DMFT
  19. Mass base
    Jana Aadhar
  20. E friend
  21. Copy of Kirthavari
    Copy of Kirtavari
  22. Forest Rights Act, Community Forest Rights
    Forest Rights Act (FRA), Community Forest Rights
  23. Electricity consumers
    Those who use electricity
  24. Electrical Analyst EID
    Electrical Analyst (EID)
  25. Prime Minister Kisan Summon Fund
    PM Kisan Summon Fund
  26. Case Information Monitoring and Evaluation System (Lights)
  27. Copy of Jamabandhi
    Copy of Jamabandhi
  28. Revenue Land Map
    Revenue Map
  29. Communication
  30. Employment
  31. Revenue Court Management System
  32. Department of Urban Development and Housing
    Department of Urban Development and Housing
  33. Rajasthan Police
    Rajasthan Police
  34. Department of Administrative Reforms & Integration
    Department of Administrative Reforms and Coordination
  35. Society Registration Application Co-op
    Society Registration Application Co-op
  36. Drug Control System License Application
    Drug Control System License Application (DCO)
  37. Artisan Registration Application Notice
    Artist Registration Application Information
  38. Weaver Registration Application Notice
    Weaver Registration Application Information
  39. Legal Methodology Application Notice
    Legal measurement application information
  40. Ricoh Water Link Application Notice (Business)
    RICO commercial water connection application
  41. Application Notice of PHED Water Connection Specialist
    PHED commercial water connection application
  42. Notice of Application for Tourism Project Approval
    Tourism Project Approval Application
  43. Information on the use of Raj Udyog Mitra
  44. Joint venture registration application
    Joint venture registration application
  45. Road crossing permit application
    PWD Road Cut Permit Application
  46. Notice of MSME 1-6 License Application
    MSME 1-6 License Application Information
  47. Brief report of silicosis patient
    Summary report of silicosis patient
  48. Imitra Plus
    E-Mitra *
  49. Rajasthan Skills and Livelihood Development Corporation
    Rajasthan Skills and Livelihoods Corporation (RSLDC)
  50. Integrated Child Development Services
    Integrated Child Development Services
  51. Directorate of Women’s Empowerment
    Directorate of Women’s Empowerment
  52. E Way Bill
    E Way Bill
  53. GST
  54. Rajasthan Tax Board
    Rajasthan Tax Board
  55. Chief Electoral Officer Rajasthan
    Chief Electoral Officer Rajasthan
  56. Livestock
  57. Forest Department
    Department of Horticulture
  58. Department of Agriculture
    Department of Agriculture
  59. Department of Autonomous Administration
    Local Self Government Department
  60. Department of Animal Husbandry
    Gopalan Department
  61. State Insurance and Allocation Fund
    State Insurance and Futures Deposit Fund
  62. Department of Tribal Regional Development
    Tribal area development
  63. Higher and technical education
    Higher and technical education
  64. State Directorate of Revenue Intelligence
    State Directorate of Revenue Intelligence
  65. Excise Department
    Excise Department
  66. CM Small Businesses and Incentive Scheme
    Chief Minister’s Small Business Development Plan

Jan Suchana Portal App 2021- John Soochna Portal App Download

Want to download John Suzanne Processor? You are yours Android mobile But if you want to download John Suchan Processor, use the method mentioned here –

Jan Suchana Portal App 2021

Jan Suchana Portal App 2021-How To Download Jan Chucha Processor

  • Open the Play Store. Now here you have to write and search the general information portal app.
  • When searching, this App will come in front of you.
  • Download this app now.
  • After downloading, whenever you open this processor, you will find complete information about 56 projects in about 13 departments here.
  • With the help of Rajasthan Portal application, you can also easily apply for Pradhan Mantri Kisan Summon Financial Scheme.
  • Apart from this, you can also check the status of Kisan Summon Financial Scheme.

Click here to download the processor.

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