Jana Seva Kendra Registration Services 2021

Jana Seva Kendra Registration Services 2021

Jana Seva Kendra Registration Services 2021

What is Jana Seva Kendra? If you do not know Jan Seva Kendra Hi, know that Jan Seva Kendra is a permanent center established by the Government of India. It is a hub where you can easily get all the online services. It is also known as CSC i.e. Public Service Center.

Jana Seva Kendra Registration Services 2021- How to open Jan Seva Kendra?

If there is no public service center near your house and you want to open it, will we tell you that Jan Seva Kendra Kaise Golan?

You must have the following certificates for Jana Seva Kendra –

  • Proof of address of the city or village where you live.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to play Jan Seva Kendra.
  • You must have at least a 10th pass certificate.
  • You need to be fluent in your vernacular.
  • In addition, you must know Hindi and English.
  • To start a public service center, you must run a computer and you must have a computer and printer.
  • You must have a room where you can open your public service center.
  • In addition, you should have a 5-6 hour battery backup.
  • You need to have good internet speed as you need good internet speed for online service of Public Service Center.

JJana Seva Kendra Registration Services 2021 – Jan Seva Kendra Application Form

For Jana Seva Kendra Registration Form, you have to follow the steps below –

  • Go to the CSC’s official website.
  • Once the website opens, you will see the “New VLE Registration” option, which you must click on.
  • Clicking will take you to another page.
  • Open the Jana Seva Kendra Registration Form.
  • Here you will see a box where you can now enter your reference number.
  • After this you have to select the OTP, write a captcha and click the submit button.
  • After this it will be written – I mean by this ….. you have to put a tick (✓) in the box next to it.
  • After ticking, click Create OTP.
  • The OTP of Jan Seva Kendra registration will come to your Aadhaar registered phone number.
  • Now you need to write this OTP in the OTP box and click OTP to verify. This way your source is now verified.
  • Now a kiosk form will come in front of you and you have to fill it out carefully.
  • After filling this, your Jana Seva Kendra will be registered.

Jana Seva Kendra Registration Services 2021

Jana Seva Kendra Registration Services 2021-Jan Seva Kendra Kiosk Form

Fill out the kiosk form this way –

  • In this, you have to fill in the name and address of your public service center. Fill in all the information and press the Continue button.
  • If you click Continue, you will get your bank back pan card All details must be filled out.
  • After completing the details, upload a soft copy of the ban card.
  • Now you need to click the Continue button again.
  • Now you come to the documentation page. On this page, you will need to attach a photo of the public service center on the outside and inside.
  • After attaching the photo, now add the location of the public service center. Proceed now.

Information on infrastructure required for Jana Seva Kendra

  • After doing all the above steps, you should be told about all the things you have like computer, printer, biometric.
  • Now you can apply to CSC Digmail ID Fill it up
  • After completing all the information, check once again that there is nothing wrong. After checking everything, press the Agree and Submit button.
  • Your Jana Seva Kendra’s online registration process is complete.

Jana Seva Kendra Registration Services 2021- – How to sign up for Jan Seva Kendra

  • Visit the official website of the CSC.
  • You will be asked to enter your ID and password here.
  • Remember that you have to fill in the ID and password that came in your personal email.
  • Now click on login.
  • On clicking login CSC Portal The dashboard will appear in front of you.
  • You will be asked here to fill in your bank details.
  • Fill in the bank details correctly and click the Submit button.
  • Now you will be asked about the GST number. If you do not have GST, press the Skip button.
  • Your Jana Seva Kendra Portal is logged in.

Jana Seva Kendra Registration Services 2021


Benefits of Jan Seva Kendra – Services of Jan Seva Kendra

You can avail all government and non-government facilities through Jan Seva Kendra. For your information, we tell you that Jana Seva Kendra plays an important role in providing all the facilities of the government online to the people living in villages and towns.

The biggest benefit of Jan Seva Kendra is that you can easily finish your job by filling out any form online by visiting this center. Ration cardBirth Certificate, Death Certificate, Aadhar Card, Pension Etc. You do not have to go to any government office often for this.

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