Jantasamwad ration server with high load 2021

Jantasamwad ration server with high load 2021

Jantasamwad ration server with high load 2021

Of the Government of Delhi Ration e coupon The organization relies on its new website Ration.Jantasamvad.org. But recently, the website error shows that the server is overloaded. Here, we will tell you what to do Ration Janathasamwad system What is the high credit of the website and what to do with it.

Update 2:15 PM – Ration.jantasamvad.org Server upgrade in progress. The website will be available soon.

Jantasamwad ration server with high load 2021-What is a server under high loads?

Overloaded server is a term used to notify users that a website is down due to excessive page requests. This means that the ration.jantasamwad.org website is being browsed by more people at the same time, due to which the web server has stopped working.

Jantasamwad ration server with high load 2021-When will the Janta Samwad Ration web server restart?

The Janta Samwad org website does not have a limited time to restart its services. However, in general, any web server will start working again in a few minutes. Sometimes, if the website’s database is large, the government shuts down services to prevent any data loss. In these cases, it may take hours for the government to restart the Jantasamwad ration website.

Jantasamwad ration server with high load 2021-what to do?

If you also get a “server under heavy load! Please check back later” error on the Jantasamvad website, then the only thing you can do is try to reopen the website in a few hours.

Until then open this alternative link for ration in Jana Samvat –

Or wait a while. Then, you can start checking the ration and coupon status again.

  • Do not try to keep the website open as it will give you more credit on the server.
  • Try clearing the cache to get the updated website. Sometimes, the website starts working for others but the cache shows the page that was loaded before you.
  • Transfer the browser to ration.jantasamwad.org website.
  • If you are opening Jantasamwad on Android, try unlocking it on laptop or PC.
  • Contact your nearest BDS dealer for more details about the offline method for Ration E Coupon.

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