Jharkhand Expatriate Mazdoor Registration Status

The Jharkhand Immigrant Registration Process has started today. Jharkhand residents who want to travel have been given a Jharkhand Yatra registration form to return to their state. Jharkhand Expatriate Scheme Online Form jharkhandpravasi.in But Chief Minister Hemant Shoran G tweeted. To register Jharkhand migrant workers online, fill out the application form given here. You can now check the Pravasi Mazdoor registration status online.

Immigrant Registration Form.

Jharkhand Expatriate Mazdoor Travel Registration Form and Status Verification

The Jharkhand Mastur pilgrimage is for the residents of Jharkhand but gets stuck in other states during the corona lockout. Thus, if migrant workers want to return to Jharkhand, they have to fill up the travel registration form issued by the Jharkhand government at jharkhandpravasi.in. Immigrant labor registration status will also be known.

Follow this procedure for Jharkhand Migrant Workers Registration or Status Check –

  • First Jharkhand Migrant Worker’s Website To go
  • Open the Jharkhand Yatra Registration Form.
  • Select Yes in the “I want to go to Jharkhand” option.
  • Then click the Next button.
  • On the next page, migrant workers enter their mobile number.
  • Then enter your details such as your name, age and gender.
  • Select the type of Jharkhand migrant labor trip.
  • When registering the Migrant Workers Registration Form, you must enter all the information correctly.
  • After submitting the application form, the Jharkhand Yatra Registration Form will be verified.
  • After this you will be assisted under the Jharkhand Expatriate Mastur Yojana to come back.

Jharkhand Expatriate Hotel Submit the form. You will be contacted by a representative and more information will be provided. Check out the video guide – https://youtu.be/EXrieqlyU-0 , You will get information on how to fill up the Jharkhand Migrant Workers Registration Form from the video.

Check Mhpolice e-pass status here.

Jharkhand Expatriate Mazdoor Yatra Registration Form

Below is the online application form for registration of Jharkhand Expatriate Mazdoor. The travel registration form can also be filled online at jharkhandpravasi.in.

Jharkhand Migrant Workers Registration Form

Jharkhand Expatriate Mazdoor Yojana Registration – Eligibility

There are certain conditions for registration of Jharkhand Mastur Vapi Yojana. This condition is given here. Registration for Jharkhand Migrant Pilgrimage is valid only after fulfilling this qualification –

Jharkhand Mastur Travel Qualification List

  • The scheme is only for migrant workers who want to return to Jharkhand.
  • The applicant must be a migrant worker.
  • Even if the applicant is a student, he can register.
  • This program is for other professionals.
  • If he wants to travel to Jharkhand, he can also fill up the registration form.

Jharkhand Migrant Labor Scheme – Required Documents

Migrant workers wishing to fill up a travel registration form to come to Jharkhand should submit this information –

  • Migrant worker name and personal details
  • phone number
  • Source card number
  • Identity Card
  • The purpose of the trip
  • Certificate and Certificate of Eligibility Type
  • Proof of being a resident of Jharkhand

If you have this document you can register for Jharkhand Pravasi Mastur Yojana.

Jharkhand Expatriate Mazdoor Yojana – Details in Hindi

The name of the project Jharkhand Migrant Labor Project
Project type Travel to Jharkhand
Qualification Tourists, migrant workers, students, other professionals
Who started it? Government of Jharkhand
Start date 02 May 2021
Official website http://jharkhandpravasi.in/
Information on Jharkhand Expatriate Mastur Yojana in Hindi

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