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Jharkhand Marriage Certificate Registration / Viva (Shaadi) Brahman Bhadra Apply Online, Required Documents, Eligibility Criteria

Recently, according to a new ordinance issued by the Central Government, a marriage certificate is mandatory for a married man or woman to avail any government scheme or service. If you want to avail the benefit of any government scheme after marriage, you have to submit the marriage certificate along with the application form. In this direction, the Jharkhand state government has launched an online process to obtain a marriage certificate. Jharkhand Marriage Certificate Online Application (Apply Jharkhand Marriage Certificate Online) You have to submit your application form with the help of the official website.

Jharkhand Marriage Certificate The certificate will be issued to you within 7 to 21 days after the completion of the application process. Friends, through this article of ours today, we will present to you Marriage certificate in Jharkhand (Shaadi Brahman Bhadra Jharkhand) Providing a complete process to do. Through this article, you will know how to apply for a marriage certificate, what documents are required for the application, and how much to pay. So friends, if you are looking for the process of preparing marriage certificate online on the internet, you are reading the right article.

What is Jharkhand Marriage Certificate

The Jharkhand Marriage Certificate is such an important document through which the couple can avail the benefit of any government Shevaya scheme. In addition, the certificate allows the spouse to claim their legal rights. Certification is still required here when one of the spouses dies. At that time, by using this certificate, the husband or wife can get all his legal rights.

In addition, several such schemes have been launched by the Jharkhand government in which a married man or woman is required to provide his or her marriage certificate. Apart from this, there are many such services provided by the State Government and sometimes a marriage certificate is required to avail them. Guys, if you are a married man or woman and want to get a marriage certificate in Jharkhand, now this process is done online by the state government. In our article you can understand the complete process of applying for marriage certificate online.

Benefits of Jharkhand Viva Brahman Bhadra

Guys, you should know by reading the information above Jharkhand Marriage Certificate (Jharkhand Viva Brahman Bhadra) How many documents are required? In addition, the marriage certificate has the following advantages:

  • In Jharkhand the marriage certificate can also be used as a legal document and legal document.
  • By marriage certificate, any widowed woman in the state of Jharkhand can claim inheritance or her rights.
  • Marriage certificate is an important document that allows women to legally seek medical treatment for their rights even after divorce.
  • A married woman needs a passport or visa if she wants to leave the country.
  • This certificate provides legal protection for women.
  • With a marriage certificate, a married woman can engage in a legal battle if she is harassed by her husband.
  • If the husband divorces for any reason, the wife can get her share of the property using the marriage certificate.
  • It is a legal document through which the wife can receive her monthly dowry after separation from her husband.

Imp documents for marriage certificate in Jharkhand

Guys, by now you should know how important this certification is for women. Apart from this, the husband and wife cannot avail the benefit of many government services which are required to attach the marriage certificate with the application form. Marriage certificate in Jharkhand (Jharkhand Shadi Ka Brahman Bhadra) To get it you need to submit the following documents along with the application form.

  • You first need an application form to apply for a marriage certificate.
  • In order to get a marriage certificate, it is mandatory for the applicant husband and wife to be of Jharkhand origin.
  • To verify the age, the married couple should attach the birth certificate or any other document confirming the date of birth with the application form.
  • The wedding invitation must be submitted along with the application form.
  • For this certificate, the husband and wife must attach a photograph of the wedding time together with the application form.
  • Passport size photos of husband and wife should be attached in the application form.
  • In the application form, you will have complete information like wedding plan, wedding date and location.
  • When applying, you need to attach some wedding photos with the application form.

How to apply for a marriage certificate in Jharkhand

Time required: 30 min.

Friends, if you are recently married, we advise you to get a marriage certificate as soon as possible. The online application process for this is as follows.

  1. To apply for a marriage certificate, you must first go to the “Online Service Portal”.
  2. After clicking on the link of the official website, the portal of the department will open on your screen.
  3. Now you have to select the name of the state of “Jharkhand” from the names of the states given in the menu bar above.
  4. Clicking on this option will open the “Jharkhand Service Plus” page on your screen.
  5. Now on this newly opened page you need to click on the “Marriage Registration Certificate” option under the “Service” tab.
  6. After this the “Marriage Certificate Registration” “Application Form” will open on the next page.
  7. In the application form, you have to fill in the complete details like the groom’s name, address, mobile number, father’s name.
  8. Now in the next step of the application form, you have to fill in the complete details like bride name, father name, full address, husband name, mobile number.
  9. Now you need to fill in this application form with information like name and address of the witnesses.
  10. After this, in the next step, you need to upload the photo of the husband and wife, upload the photo of the witnesses and also upload the scanned copy of everyone’s signature.
  11. Then carefully read the instructions given below the application form and double check all the information given in your application form.
  12. If all the information you have filled in the application form is correct, submit it online and print it out.


Friends, you are advised to take a print out of the receipt once the application process is complete. Your application number will be given on this receipt so that you can check the status of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions for Shadi Ka Brahman Bhadra Jharkhand

How to apply for marriage certificate online in Jharkhand?

If you are recently married or want to get your marriage certificate, we have given above the complete process online for this.

Is there any other way to apply online to get a marriage certificate?

Yes, you can apply for marriage certificate offline in Jharkhand. For that you have to go to the registrar’s office and submit the application form and all the documents.

Are witnesses required to register for a marriage certificate?

Yes, when registering a marriage, you must upload the documents of the witnesses, their photographs and scanned copies of their signatures online. Friends, we have given above the complete list of documents that need to be uploaded online when applying.

Do I need a marriage certificate to include my wife’s name on the ration card?

Yes, if you are getting a new ration card, you will need to submit the marriage certificate along with the application form to include your spouse’s name.

How long is the marriage certificate issued and what is its validity period?

Once the marriage certificate is issued, it is valid here for a lifetime. After getting the marriage certificate, you can use it for the rest of your life. You do not need to reapply or renew for this.

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