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Dear people of Jharkhand, we are going to share an important piece of information for you today through this article. We will provide you with today’s article Jharkhand Police facility to register FIR online (Jharkhand Police FIR filed online) Giving information. If you want to send your complaint to Jharkhand Police Administration for any discussion or fight or for any reason, you Online FIR on JFS Portal (JOFS Portal FIR File Online)Let’s register.

Residents of Jharkhand can register an FIR online Jharkhand Police FIR Status (Check JH Police FIR Status Online) You can check online and register through the Geo Apps portal Digital copy of FIR download (Download JH Police FIR copy online) can be used. Today, through our article, we provide you with complete information about this process.

JOFS Portal File JH Police FIR Online

If there is any mishap or dispute due to any misfortune or you come under any kind of legal action, the first thing you need to do is know that filing your FIR. By registering this FIR yourself, the Jharkhand State Police Administration will fully assist you. It is the legal right of every citizen of our country to register an FIR for any complaint. No one can take away your rights from you and us.

In earlier times there were people File an FIR online I had to go to the police station to do that. A lot of money and time was wasted in this process and a lot of time was spent to start legal proceedings. But the Jharkhand state government is now slowly trying to provide all services digitally. In this direction, all the services of the police administration are done online by the state government. Under this, you can register your FIR online, track its status and take a print out.

Register your FIR with Jharkhand Police on JOFS Portal (File FIR JOFS Online with Jharkhand Police) You no longer have to go to any post or police station or police station to do that. You need to go to the official website online and complete the full details of your complaint in the FIR and submit it online. Through our article today, we provide you with information on the complete process for registering an FIR in Jharkhand Police Online. If you also want to file your FIR, be sure to read this article in its entirety.

File FIR / JOFS Portal Online at e-FIR JH Police Station

Time required: 10 minutes.

If for some reason God forbids you and you have to face any legal controversy, you must first register an FIR for it. Below we provide the procedure for registering an FIR through the Jharkhand Police Online Portal.

  1. Visit the JOFS portal

    If you also want to register an FIR online, you must first do so Jharkhand Police Official Website To be continued.

  2. Complaint option

    By accessing your official website on the left “Complaint” An option will appear that you need to click on.

  3. JOFS FIR Form

    Click the option mentioned above on your screen “FIR Form” Will open.

  4. Enter information

    You are the one who has to upload all the information in this FIR form online like your full name and full address, mobile number, type of complaint, subject of the complaint and related documents.

  5. Submit FIR

    After completing all the information “Submit” Click the button after your number one “OTP” Will come

  6. Submit the complaint

    On the next page you will need to enter your OTP number “Submit” You need to click the button.


So, you can by following the above procedure File your complaint online with Jharkhand Police (JOFS JH Police FIR file online) Can be done and finished. This is advised to all of you Online FIR file After getting FIR print out Take it out.

Check the status of the JH Police FIR online

If you have registered an FIR online, you should Status (JOFS Portal e FIR Status) To know, you need to visit the official website. To do this you need to follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

  • To check the status of your complaint, you must first “Jharkhand Online FIR System Portal / Jharkhand Online FIR System – JOFS” To be continued.
  • After reaching the official website “JOFS FIR Status” You need to click on the option.
  • After this, on the next page that opens, you must first enter yours “Mobile number” Or “e-mail address” And then yours “Complaint ID After entering “Continue” You need to click the button.
  • Once you click on the option above, you will be entered on your screen Status of FIR (Jharkhand Police FIR Status) Appears online.

Download a copy of the FIR online via JOFS JH Police

In the section above, we have told you the complete process to check the status of your FIR. Now we will tell you about us Digital Copy of FIR (Download FIR Digital Copy) Explains the download process in mode.

If you have registered your FIR on the official website of the Jharkhand Police Administration Print Out (JOFS FIR Copy Print Out) If you forgot to remove, there is no need to panic in that regard. Even after registering the FIR online, we give below the process, Download the soft copy of the FIR Can.

  • “Jharkhand Police Administration” Through the website “Download a copy of the FIR” First “JOFS Portal” To be continued.
  • Now yours “FIR Status” You will need to go through Section I again and repeat the above process.
  • You entered your screen after completing the process Copy of FIR You can download.

I tell you that File an FIR online After doing so, you will be invited to meet a police officer working at your nearest police station. By going to the police station, you should tell the officer your complete problem and then they will try to solve it.

In the FIR you filed, we tell you that the police administration will call the person who has taken legal action to the police station. Legal action will be taken by the Jharkhand Police after hearing the arguments of both the parties. The court case will continue after the dramatic legal action is completed. There is provision for sentencing against a person who has been convicted in a court case.

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