KBC Registration 2021

KBC Registration 2021

KBC Registration 2021

The recording of Season 12 of Panneka Millionaire has begun. Those who want to participate in KBC12 from Bihar or other states of India can submit their application form online. Here’s how to sign up for Sony TV’s popular show Kaun Paneka Koropathi. You can use Sony Live to register this year. KBC has also published the first question. Bihar KBC Record Question is given here. Like every year, this year Amitabh Bachchan is hosting KBC 2021 on Sony Live.

KBC Registration Bihar 2021 – Register via SMS

The facility to register KBC 2021 via SMS has also been made available. Anyone wishing to participate in the KBC 2021 contest from Bihar can book online. Here we tell you when KBC booking starts and how to book. Today we will tell you about how KBC 2021 registration is done in Bihar and what to do about it.

KBC Registration 2021- KBC 2021 Registration Date

KBC 2021 registration starts May 10. Anyone who wants to participate in the Con Paneka Millionaire from Sunday night can fill out the online registration form.

The KBC registration start date is 10 May 2021.

KBC Registration 2021-How to register for KBC 2021 match?

For the registration of KBC 2021, you have to apply in the way mentioned here. There are four types of steps you can take to begin the process. The registration process is explained here –

  • First you need to fill out the KBC 2021 Registration Form.
  • After that the screening of the channel takes place.
  • If you are selected, you will be invited to audition.
  • If you succeed in auditioning for KBC, you will receive a call for an interview.
  • You will be added to KBC after the interview.

After completing all these steps, you can register your name with KBC.

KBC Registration 2021 – Sony LIV KBC 2021

People are looking for a KBC registration number to register. KBC’s first question and answer list means that the question and answer has not been published yet. You will be called after the Bihar KBC registration number is released.

You must register by answering after the call. After you register you will get the registration number you need to register. Next, that registration number will be useful in your exam.

KBC Registration 2021-First question list for KBC record

The first question for the KBC record has been published. This must be answered by 9pm on May 10th. To see the first question on KBC, see below –

KBC First Question – Where was the corona virus disease 2019 or Govit-19 first identified in China?

KBC Answers – a. Shenzhou, b. Wuhan, c. Beijing, D.C. Shanghai

KBC Registration 2021-KBC 2021 registration process

  • To register KBC 2021 via SMS, you need to use the method mentioned here
  • Open the message on your phone
  • There you have to write the answer to the KBC registration question.
  • After that you have to do KBC registration via SMS.

The same method will be used for Bihar KBC recording.

The KBC registration code is given here –

KBC <space>< A/B/C/D> <space><Age in completed years> <space><Gender>

You must send it to the KBC 2021 registration number.

KBC Registration 2021 – FAQ

How to make KBC 2020 record?

KBC 2020 registration will be done via SMS.

What is the KBC Record Question?

The KBC record question is where the corona virus originated in China.

What is a KBC Registration Number?

KBC 2021 Registration Number – 509093.

How to register a name in KBC?

You will have a screening and audition after answering the question. After that your name will be registered in KBC.

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