Kerala Inter-District Travel Pass Online 2021

Kerala Inter-District Travel Pass Online 2021
Kerala Inter-District Travel Pass Online 2021

Pass the Peshawar Kerala Government Kerala Police has launched a website to apply online for Kerala Inter-District Travel Pass for Citizens in Kerala. Online registration form for Kerala Lockdown Embassy is now available. Inter-Kerala Travel Pass Registration Form is for excluded category. Proper identification is required to use the pass for travel during locking.

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Kerala Inter-District Travel Pass Online

The official website of Kerala Pesaf Pass is Kerala Police has started the registration form for issuing emergency travel passes. Since Kerala is also one of the Govt-19 affected areas in India, everyone must have a Travel Ebos if they want to go outside.

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Kerala Inter-District Travel Pass Online 2021

Stay Safe Government of Kerala – Online Registration Form

How to book a Travel Pass on Kerala Pesaf Portal?

  • Go
  • Open the Kerala Police Emergency Pass Pass Registration Form.
  • You will find the option “Submitting Inter-District Travel Pass-Kerala Police Portal, Requests for Inter-District Travel Pass”.
  • In the registration form, enter your name and the name of a fellow passenger.
  • Write down your mobile number, address, date and travel time and vehicle details.
  • Enter the driver’s name and contact information.
  • Select the reason for the trip and upload the documents.
  • Select District and Police Station.
  • After entering all the information required for Kerala Travel Pass, click Submit.
  • Your Pass the Bessaf Carol government Inter-district travel pass application will be submitted.

Kerala Inter-District Travel Pass Online 2021-Documents and information required for the states of Kerala

  • Personal profile and contact information
  • Aadhar card or ban card
  • Any PoI document
  • Proof of residency in Kerala
  • Vehicle number
  • Driver details
  • Proof of address of the passenger

Kerala Inter-District Travel Pass Online 2021 – Eligibility Conditions

The following reasons are eligible to pass Kerala Inter District at –

  • Medical emergency of self or family members
  • Death of a family member, attendance at funeral
  • Joining the family after being stranded due to curfew
  • Bringing family members stranded due to the curfew
  • Back to work / duty
  • The stranded students returned home
  • Marriage (self / close relative)

Kerala Inter-District Travel Pass Online 2021-About Kerala Inter District Pass of Kerala Police

Name of service Kerala Inter District Travel Pass
Empowerment Kerala Police
Government Government of Kerala
Official website
Application process Online through Registration Form

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