Kerala Life Mission 2020 Online Registration

Kerala Life Mission 2020 Online Registration
Kerala Life Mission 2020 Online Registration – Kerala Life Mission 2021 list has been released and users can check their name and visit the official Life 2021 Government of Kerala website. If you have not completed the online registration for the Kerala Life Plan 2021 plan, you can view the registration form details here. In this article, we are going to talk about important topics related to Kerala Life 2021 mission. We will talk about Life Mission Application, Application Form Online Registration etc. Check more Application Form.

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Kerala Life Mission 2020 Online Registration, Application-Kerala Life Mission 2021 Details

The name of the project Kerala Life Mission 2021
Initiated by Chief Minister of Kerala
Power Government of Kerala
Beneficiaries Landless and homeless citizens of Kerala
Official website
Kerala Life Mission 2021 Details

Kerala Life Mission 2020 Online Registration, Application – Official Website of Kerala Life Mission Project

The Government of Kerala has launched the official website of the Kerala Life Plan. The website can be opened at If you have not yet registered online, you can fill out an online registration form on the website. Also, an online application form in PDF is available to apply online. The following services are available on the website 2021 Government of Kerala on the website.

Kerala Life 2021 Online Services

  • New post
  • Online login
  • PDF Application Form
  • List of Beneficiaries
  • Communication

You can visit all these online services Life 2021 Government of Kerala Website.

Kerala Life Mission 2020 Online Registration, Application-Life Mission Application Process 2021

There are two ways to apply for the Kerala Life Mission program. The two methods are as follows –

  • Kerala Life Mission 2021 Online Application
  • Apply offline for life journey


Kerala Life Mission 2020 Online Registration


You can apply offline using the following options –

  • You can go to the local Akshay Kendra and apply for the Life Mission program offline.
  • You can also contact the local self-help center for an offline application.

For online application, follow the steps given below.

Kerala Life Mission 2020 Online Registration-Life Mission Kerala Online Registration 2021

How to register online for Kerala Life Mission 2021?

  1. Go to
  2. Click the New Register button
  3. Enter your mobile number in the registration form
  4. Enter your name for Kerala Life Work Register
  5. Click Create OTP
  6. Enter the OTP and complete the registration process
  7. Your Kerala Life Mission online registration will be completed.
Kerala Life Mission 2021 Registration Online

You can register online for landless and homeless housing scheme in Kerala. This scheme is run by the State Government and you cannot fill up the application online without registration. So to fill up the Kerala Life Job Application online, you need to complete the registration first.

Click here to register

Kerala Life Mission 2020 Online Registration-Kerala Life Mission Online Application 2021

People have got an online application form to apply online. Kerala Life Job Application Form can be downloaded in both PDF format and online application form. To apply online, you must use the following steps.

How to fill up Kerala Life Mission Online Application Form?

  • Open the website
  • Go to Login
  • Sign in using your mobile number and password
  • Absolute Eligibility Criteria
  • Fill in the online application form for Kerala Life Plan
  • Upload the required documents
  • Submit Kerala Life Job Application Online

You can apply online for Life 2021 Kerala Mission Plan and Project.

Kerala Life Mission 2020 Online Registration-Eligibility limit

The following eligibility criteria should be fulfilled before applying online or submitting Kerala Life Job Application Form –

  • Homeless families holding ration cards
  • All members on the ration card must be homeless to apply
  • Individuals working in the public sector cannot apply
  • The annual income of the applicant should not exceed Rs. 3 lakhs
  • Those who do not have land can apply
  • Only those residing in Kerala can apply for Kerala Life Job 2021
  • The applicant must be landless and all members of the ration card must be landless

Kerala Life Mission 2020 Online Registration

Required Documents

To apply online for Kerala Life Plan, the following documents should be submitted along with Life Mission Kerala Online Application Form. Upload these documents to –

  • Ration card
  • Aadhar card
  • Case certificate
  • Certificate of Income
  • Certificate of privileged families
  • Medical Board Certificate for Medical Challengers
  • Beneficiaries of Agathi / Azraya scheme are required to submit certificate through CDS
  • Families who have lost their husbands must submit the death certificate of the late head of household.

Other than that, other health certificates can be requested by the government if required. For more details on required documents visit Kerala Life Mission website –

List of Beneficiaries of Kerala Life Mission 2021

The list of beneficiaries of Kerala Life Plan 2021 has been released. If your name is not on the list of beneficiaries, you can reapply from August 1 to August 14. After that, your name will be added to the list of next Kerala Life Mission beneficiaries.

Download PDF guidelines Here is the list of Kerala Life Mission.

Kerala Life Mission Helpline Number – Contact District Mission Coordinators

Kerala Life Mission District Contact number
Thiruvananthapuram 9495904765
Kollam 9539878136
பத்தனம்திட்டா 9447721863
Alappuzha 9447246254
Kottayam 9447181292
Pliers 9447765615
Ernakulam 9446073003
Thrissur 7907520873
Palakkad 7034327862
Malappuram 9847346426
Kozhikode 9497211341
Wayanad 9895655937
Kannur 9446268475
Kasargod 9446169112

Check more –


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