Kisan Sabha App Registration 2021

Kisan Sabha App Registration 2021

Kisan Sabha App Registration 2021

Available for download at the Kisan Saba App Store released by CSIR. With Kisan Saba App Online truck loading, load posting and other services are also available through the website. Kisan Saba Mandi registration facility is also available.

Information about CSIR Kisan Sabha App is available here. Learn how you can download and use CSIR Kisan Saba Processor. See – PM Kisan.

Kisan Sabha App Registration 2021-About Kisan Saba App


Kisan Sabha App
needed Android

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CSIR Kisan Sabha App
CSIR Kisan Sabha App

Kisan Sabha App Registration 2021-Details about Kisan Saba App

The Kisan Sabah application provides transportation methods for farmers to sell their grains and buy seeds or food. With the use of Kisan Saba, farmers can sell their crops at the market in the midst of locks. To this end, traffic has also been arranged on the Kisan Sabah website.

Kisan Sabha App Registration 2021-Download Kisan Saba App

Kisan Saba Processor is available for free download on the App Play Store. CSIR’s Kisan Saba processor can be downloaded from the website.

Download Kisan Saba Processor at Drama Store

  • Go to the Play Store.
  • Look for CSIR or Kisan Sabha
  • Open the official Kisan Sabha link.
  • Click the Install button to download Kisan Saba Android Processor.

Kisan Saba Processor can be downloaded directly here – .

Kisan Sabha App Registration 2021

Kisan Sabha App Registration – Eligibility Level

There are certain conditions for registering a Kisan Sabha. To register on Kisan Saba Portal, one of the given list should be –

  • Farmer
  • Mandi merchant
  • Transporter
  • Service Provider
  • Mandi Board Member or Staff (Mandi Board Member)
  • Consumer or consumer

If you are included in the eligibility list given above, you can register on Kisan Sabha App or

A Nation is a Ration Card

Kisan Sabha App Registration 2021 – Required Documents

Kisan Boy or other trader / employee has to submit some documents to register Kisan Sabha. You will need to upload these documents when filling up the registration form on the Kisan Sabha App or website.

Documents required for Kisan Sabha registration-

  • Mobile number of the applicant
  • Email address (not required)
  • Personal ID with photo
  • Copy of Aadhar card
  • Personal details and crop, vehicle details
  • Service License

If you have this information, you can register with Kisan Sabha by uploading these documents.

You need to log in to check Kisan Saba profile. You can verify your profile by entering your user ID and password.

Kisan Sabha App Registration 2021-Kisan Saba Registration Types

There are six types of registration on the Kisan Saba portal –

  • Farmer Registration
  • Consumer registration
  • Merchant Registration
  • Market registration
  • Transporter / Truck Registration
  • Service Provider Registration

Jharkhand Expatriate Mazdoor Registration

Kisan Saba Registration Online

To register online, visit the link provided here –

Kisan Saba Registration Online

Login Kisan Saba login page here – .

Kisan Saba Farmer Registration Form Online

Follow the procedure given for online farmer registration –

  • Go to Kisan Saba Farmer Registration Link.
  • Enter the farmer’s reference number there.
  • Enter farmer information such as name, date of birth and other information.
  • Upload Farmers’ Aadhar Card
  • Enter mobile number and other contact details to register
  • Write your address there
  • Company and GST information is not mandatory in Kisan Sabha registration.
  • Then submit the registration form and register with the Kisan Sabha.

Kisan Saba Mandi Registration Form Online

Mandi members can register themselves at Kisan Sabha. Fill in the Kisan Saba Mandi Registration Form as follows –

  • Visit Kisan Saba Mandi Dealer Registration Page.
  • Select State and District of Mandi Dealer.
  • Enter the market name and license number.
  • Add mandi dealer type and product.
  • Enter personal details such as name and date of birth.
  • Enter the Aadhaar number and upload the Aadhaar card.
  • Enter mobile number and other contact details.
  • Submit Kisan Saba Mandi Registration Form.

After this your Mandi Dealer will be registered.

The Transporter Registration Form and the Consumer Registration Form are equivalent to the Farmers Registration Process.

ABMC Details – Kisan Sabha Mandi List

Kisan Sabha has the facility to view ABMC details. In this facility one can view the Kisan Saba Mandi list, i.e. the list of Mandis.

How to view Kisan Saba Mandi list?

  • Visit Kisan Saba APMC Details Page.
  • Click here –
  • Select the market type and see the list.
  • Search the search box to find Mandy’s name.
  • To see the mandi of any city, enter the code and search.
  • All the mandi lists of that pin code will come in Kisan Sabha.
  • Click the ‘View Details’ link for market details.
  • Fill out the Human Verification Form and verify the APMC details of your knee.
Kisan Saba Mandi List
Kisan Saba Mandi List

Kisan Sabha Services and Benefits

Kisan Sabha Services

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