Kisan Urea Dealership 2021

Kisan Urea Dealership 2021

Kisan Urea Dealership 2021

Get urea dealership information in Hindi The information given here for dealer license and fertilizer business will be useful to you. If you want to trade fertilizer and take urea dealership, you need to get a license. You will get the license from the Fertilizer Department of the Government of India. Read Farmer Urea Dealership.

Kisan Urea Dealership 2021-How to get a urea dealership?

Kisan Urea Dealership is offered to you by NFL i.e. National Fertilizers Limited. It is the Urea and Fertilizer Company of the Government of India. To the urea dealer, the farmer or any FCO should follow the rules mentioned here.

Use this method if you want to pick up a urea dealership –

  1. You will need to fill out an online application form
  2. According to the qualification, you have to fulfill the rules of the fertilizer distributor.
  3. EMD i.e. income of urea dealer should be deposited
  4. After this you will get your fertilizer vendor license
  5. Your dealership will operate

Complete information is available on the website of National Fertilizer Limited.

Kisan Urea Dealership 2021-Fertilizer urea dealership cash deposit

Money earned by urea dealer Along with the application form, the dealership must pay in advance known as EMT. This is called Earnest Money Deposit in English and Earnest Money Deposit in Hindi. This amount is deposited by the farmers to take the urea dealership.

Applicant Type Fertilizer urea dealership money
General type Rs. 1 lakh
Special type Rs. 50 thousand
Assigned category Rs. 25 thousand

Kisan Urea Dealership 2021

Kisan Urea Dealership 2021-Urea dealership documents required

Documents for becoming a urea fertilizer vendor If you want to fill the urea dealership application from National Fertilizer Limited, you need to submit some documents along with the application form. Here is a list of these documents. After submitting all these documents you have to pay the application form and deposit.


List of documents required to take urea dealership

  • Aadhar card of all participants
  • Ban card number and GST number
  • Caste certificate if reservation
  • Partnership agreement or agreement in case of partnership
  • Sole proprietorship pledge
  • Certificate of registration of the Co-operative Society
  • Authorization letter
  • Ensure sales of NFL products
  • Passport size photo
  • FRC license or fertilizer registration certificate
  • Bank certificate
  • Proof of IDR or income tax return
  • List of assets
  • Educational qualification

After submitting all these documents, your urea dealer application form will be verified. You will then be offered a dealership.

National Fertilizers Limited Urea Dealership Application Form

If you want urea dealership from National Fertilizer Limited you need to download the application form. Write and submit all the information in that application form.

Kisan Urea Dealership 2021

Click on the link below to download the Urea Dealership Application Form.

Download the application form here.

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