Kolkata Police Corona e Pass 2021

Kolkata Police Corona e Pass 2021

Kolkata Police provides e-pass to Kolkata citizens. The lock issued by the Kolkata Police is valid in the city during the pass Kov-19 lock. You can apply for Corona Pass for Kolkata at https://coronapass.kolkatapolice.org/. You can see the status of Kolkata Police Corona Pass on the website. Complete details on Kolkata Police Pass Application and Status Inquiry are here. Prochesta App.

The pass is also known as the vehicle exemption pass for essential service providers

Kolkata Police Corona e Pass 2021

Kolkata Police Corona e Pass 2021-About Kolkata Police Corona Pass

Name of service E-pass to Kolkata Police Corona
Power Kolkata Police Department
Condition West Bengal
Official website https://coronapass.kolkatapolice.org/
Who can apply? Citizens of Kolkata
Application process Realism
Condition Currently active

Kolkata Police Corona e Pass 2021 – Apply Online

How to apply for Kolkata Police Corona Pass online?

  • Go to the official website https://coronapass.kolkatapolice.org/.
  • Open an online application form for Govt-19E in Kolkata.
  • Fill out the form with important details as requested.
  • Email the QR code and digital e-pass.
  • On your mobile number, you will receive an SMS E Pass from the Kolkata Police.
  • At the checkpoint, you must provide a QR code or SMS Corona Pass.

You can apply for Corona e Pass online in Kolkata, West Bengal.

mh Police Ebos Status

Kolkata Police Corona e Pass 2021 Helpline

If you have any problem related to Govt-19 Pass, you can call Kolkata Police Helpline here.

Customer Care Number -9432610446, 9874903465 for Govt-19 Pass in Kolkata.

Kolkata Police Corona e Pass 2021 Registration

To register online for Corona Pass in Kolkata, go to this link – https://coronapass.kolkatapolice.org/login/register/.

There, you will find a registration form. Fill in the required details about yourself, your journey and vehicle to get Kolkata Police Corona Pass Online.

Kolkata Police Corona e Pass 2021 Status Check

To check the status of ePass application in Kolkata –

  • Go to the homepage of the Epos website.
  • Click the Check Status button in the top right corner.
  • Enter the APP ID
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Click the Check Status option.

Documents required for Kolkata Police proficiency

  • Name and address of the applicant.
  • Purpose of the application to pass.
  • Mobile and email.
  • Vehicle type and vehicle number
  • Source and target address.
  • Source PS and Target PS (Police Station)
  • Functional area and path
  • Photo ID Certificate
  • Evidence for the purpose of the corona pass

Upload the documents listed above along with the Kolkata Police Corona Pass Application Form.

Perfect reasons for Kolkata Police Vehicle Pass

The following are valid reasons for using Ebos in Kolkata –

  • Construction activities
  • Urgent duty
  • Essential supply of food, groceries and medicines
  • Government duty
  • Private offices
  • Stand-alone shops
  • E-commerce distribution

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