Kovit 19 Ebas Maharashtra Online


The Government of Maharashtra has developed an online portal called the Essential Services Registration Form for Govt 19E Pass. Anyone who needs a Lockdown e-Pass in Maharashtra should visit the Maharashtra Police website mhpolice.in and then fill up the Govt 19E Pass registration form. Detailed information related to Govt 19 Ebas Maharashtra is here.

Govt 19 Ebas Maharashtra

Name Govt e-Pass for inter-state and inter-district travel
Official website https://covid19.mhpolice.in/
Power Maharashtra Police
Application method Realism
Services Govt 19 ebas online application and ebas application status inquiry

covid19.mhpolice.in Registration for Maharashtra Police Ebas

How to apply online for Maharashtra Police Ebos through https://covid19.mhpolice.in/registration website?

  1. Go to Covid19.mhpolice.in website.

    First, you need to visit the official Govt-19 Epos website of Maharashtra Police. For that, you need to enter covid19.mhpolice.in in your browser. If you press enter, you will reach Kovit-19 Maharashtra Police e Pass website.

  2. Move to the ‘Apply for a new pass’ section

    Now, there are two sections on the homepage of the Maharashtra Police Govt-19 Epos Portal. Go to the left side of ‘Apply for a new pass’.

  3. Click the ‘Apply for Pass Here’ button.

    On the left side of the page, M.H. There are some guidelines regarding filling up the Police Ebos application. Make sure you follow all the guidelines. Then. You will see a button at the bottom of the page, Apply to Pass. Click that button.

  4. Open the Travel Pass Registration Page at https://covid19.mhpolice.in/registration

    Clicking on the Covid-19 Epos application button will open a new page. Enter https://covid19.mhpolice.in/registration in your browser to open the registration form directly.

  5. Fill out the Maharashtra Police Essential Services Registration Form

    The registration form that opens is called the Essential Services Registration Form. You must fill out the form and provide all the details as requested. Then, you can apply for the Maharashtra Police e-Pass for Locking.

  6. Apply online for Govt-19 e-Pass in Maharashtra.

    Once you have completed the form and submitted all the required documents, you will need to submit the form. After submission, you will be given a reference number that you can use to verify the status of your Maharashtra Police Govt-19 Ebos application.

Maharashtra Police e Pass for Govt-19 Lockdown 2021
Maharashtra Police e Pass for Govt-19 Lockdown 2021

Maharashtra Police Govt-19E Pass Registration for Essential Services

How to fill up Maharashtra Police ePass Registration Form for Essential Services?

  • Open https://covid19.mhpolice.in/registration
  • Enter your District / Police Commissioner
  • Enter your name, mobile number and travel type.
  • Enter your vehicle type and number details.
  • Provide your email id.
  • Fill in the source and destination address of your trip.
  • Specify if you want to return to the same path.
  • Provide travel dates.
  • Enter the reason or purpose of your trip.
  • Write your current address in Govt-19 Ebos format.
  • Specify the number of fellow passengers with you.
  • Tell me if you belong in the control zone.
  • Upload your photo and required documentation.
  • Submit the form post to confirm that all the details are true.
https://covid19.mhpolice.in/registration Form
https://covid19.mhpolice.in/registration Form

How can you fill up the Govt-19 Maharashtra Police Ebos Registration Form?

Maharashtra Police e-Pass Download – Govt-19 ePass Level Test

How to download Covit-19 ePass or check Maharashtra Police Ebos status online?

  • Go to https://covid19.mhpolice.in/
  • Now go to the right side of the page.
  • Click the Check Status / Download Ebos option.
  • On the next page, enter your Maharashtra Police Govt-19 Ebos Registration Token Identification Number.
  • Submit the form and check the status of Ebas or download Maharashtra Police Govt-19 Ebas online.
Covid-19 EPass Download Maharashtra Police

mhpolice E Pass – Reasons allowed for travel

The following reasons and motives are permitted for obtaining Maharashtra Police ePass through Mhpolice epass website –

  • Essential services
  • Public services provided by local authority.
  • Death of first relative
  • Serious medical emergency
  • Marriage and some other obvious reasons.

List of Maharashtra Ebas Districts and Police Commissioners


The following districts / police commissioner areas are eligible for online Mahapolis Ebas application – Ahmednagar, Akola, Amravati City, Amravati Rural, Aurangabad City, Aurangabad Rural, Peet, Bandra, Puthana, Chandrapur, Thule, Katchiroli, Hingoli, Gondia, Jalgaon, Jalna, Kolhapur, Latur, Nagpur Rural, Nagpur Nashik City, , Navi Mumbai, Usmanabad, Balkar, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Barabani, Pune City, Pune Rural, Raigarh, Ratnagiri, Satara, Sindhudurg, Solanpur City, Solanpur Rural, Thane City, Thane Rural, Wardhaw, Washtim.


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