List of YouTube video download software 2021

List of YouTube video download software 2021

YouTube audio video download software YouTube is one of the largest websites in the world where you can watch streaming videos. Anyone can upload YouTube videos without software by creating an account on YouTube. But to download youtube videos, you need any youtube video download software or mobile app.

Today we will tell you about a video downloader app and website that can download youtube videos online. If you want, you can also save videos without software. Check the list of youtube video download software in Hindi.

List of YouTube video download software 2021

List of YouTube video download software 2021-What is YouTube Video Download Software?

The software used to download any video that is being streamed online is called video download software. To download videos posted on Vimeo, Dailymotion, Dictoc, Facebook videos and other websites, you need a video downloading website or app.

Similarly, YouTube is software that works to download videos, so you do not need the internet to watch that video, it is called YouTube video download software application.

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List of YouTube video download software 2021List of free youtube video download software

If you are looking for a list of online video download software, here we provide you with information on the best free youtube video download software. All the applications and software website given here are completely free.

YouTube video downloader software Internet connection
Y2 Made
Save from this
Freemake Video Downloader
Clip the clip
Ytmp3 for mp3 download from Youtube
Tube Made
YT Download
4K download
Ventilated video downloader
New pipe
List of youtube video download software 2021

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How To Use YouTube Video Download Software

List of YouTube video download software 2021

How to use YouTube video download software to save YouTube videos?

  1. Open the video download software
  2. Open the video link on YouTube
  3. Copy the URL of the video you want to download
  4. Paste the YouTube video URL into the video download software
  5. Now click the Enter Button or Download Button
  6. There will be your YouTube video
  7. Select the video format and dimensions
  8. Select the download folder
  9. Rename downloaded YouTube videos
  10. Click the Save button to download the video

List of YouTube video download software 2021-How To Download Videos On YouTube Processor Without Software

If you want, you can download YouTube videos without external software or applications. This video will be stored on your phone but stored within the YouTube app. That is, by using the Watch Offline Download option, you can download YouTube videos without software.

List of YouTube video download software 2021

If you want to download videos from YouTube, open the YouTube app on your phone. After that there is a button to open any video and watch it offline, click that button. Your video will be saved on your phone after clicking. You can watch that video anytime.

You can read more about it on Google’s support website.


YouTube Video Download Software Frequently Asked Questions

Should we use such software?

It is against Google’s policy to download any YouTube video. That’s why such an app or software is not available in the Play Store. You should not use such software.

Is video download software safe?

Not all YouTube video download software is secure. So, before downloading any software, read its information and scan with antivirus.

How To Download YouTube Videos Legally?

You can use the ‘Watch Offline’ feature built into the YouTube processor. This is the legal way.

Can I download my youtube video?


Yes, if you uploaded the video yourself, you can download the video to your SD card.

How to watch offline videos?

Go to the YouTube app and select the Library option. There is an option for offline downloads. By going to that option, you can watch the downloaded YouTube videos.

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