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Madhya Pradesh Nishta Vidyut Mitra Project 2021: Due to the growing population in the country, problems in power supply are increasing. To get rid of this problem, the state government of Madhya Pradesh has been taking various measures from time to time. Going forward in this direction, the Madhya Pradesh state government has implemented a new scheme across the state. The name of this project is MP Nishta Vidyut Mitra Project 2021.

Through today’s article, we are going to tell you about this. MP Nishta Vidyut Mitra Project 2021 Below we provide the complete procedure for applying. In addition, we will provide you with a list of documents to be submitted when applying under this scheme, eligibility rules, benefits and detailed information on the features of this scheme. If you are now a citizen of the State of Madhya Pradesh and would like to benefit under this scheme, please read our article in full below.

MP Nishta Vidyut Mitra Yojana 2021

Today the population continues to grow. Due to the increase in population, there has been a power crisis in the state. Along with this, there are many areas in the state of Madhya Pradesh where electricity is not yet available. Many area people are still living in darkness. Moving in this direction, the Madhya Pradesh government has launched a new program to address this problem. This is new Nishta Vidyut Mitra Project 2021 Under this, power consumers and women will benefit.

To get rid of the problem of electricity, the state government has provided for women Nishta Vidyut Mitra As has been used throughout the State. If implemented, the scheme will not only benefit consumers but also provide employment to women. After Vidyut Mitra came to power, women will get a substantial income every month. Under the scheme, women will try to solve the problems of all power consumers in their area. Vidyut Mitra women will go to all the houses and encourage the electricity consumers to submit their bills online.

MP Nishta Vidyut Mitra Yojana 2021

Initiated by Madhya Pradesh MP Nishtha Vidyarthi Mitra Project 2021 Advantages of:

  • Under the scheme, women in the state will be recruited as electricity allies.
  • The project will provide employment to women and thereby earn a good income.
  • Encourage all electricity consumers to go door to door and submit their electricity bills online in a timely manner.
  • In addition, the women of Vidyut Mitra will also file reports on illegal power connections installed in the state.
  • Through the Nishta Vidyut Mitra Yojana, the revenue of the power sector under the Government of Madhya Pradesh will definitely increase.
  • The economic status of the family of women earning a monthly income will also improve.
  • Action will be taken against the illegal work done by Mahila Vidyut Mitra consumers.
  • In order to prevent power theft, these women, who are friends of the power plant, will be given incentives on behalf of the government from time to time.
  • Women will be encouraged to submit their electricity bills to all electricity consumers through the UPAY processor.

Eligibility for Nishta Vidyut Mitra Recruitment

Who are the women Nishta Vidyut Mitra Project Those who want to apply and be hired under this scheme should fulfill the eligibility criteria given below.

  • Only women residing in the state can apply for this scheme.
  • The applicant must have an Aadhar card.
  • Under the scheme, only women who have passed the Intermediate Class will be admitted.
  • Women must have their personal mobile number, which must be linked to a bank account.
  • You must have a current decision on the bank to be linked to the Aadhaar card.
  • If a woman benefits from a farmer scheme started by the state government, they can also apply under this scheme.

Documents for MP Nishta Vidyut Mitra Yojana

Who are the women Madhya Pradesh Nishta Vidyut Vidran Yojana 2021 Those who want to avail the benefits of applying under this scheme should submit all the documents given below along with the application form.

  • Woman ID card
  • Aadhar Card Voter
  • Identity Card
  • Certificate of Income
  • Basic address proof
  • Caste certificate
  • Copy of ration card
  • 10 digit mobile number
  • Proof of address
  • Copy of paid electricity bill

Apply for the job of MP Nishta Vidyut Mitra online

Who are the women MP Nishta Vidyut Mitra Project 2021 Those who want to apply and hire under this, should follow all the guidelines given below.

  1. To submit your application form under this scheme, first on your mobile Download the UPAY app Have to do
  2. After downloading the app, you need to register an account with it.
  3. After registering the account, you will be contacted by the concerned department to post as Vidyut Mitra.
  4. In case of any problem in registering online, talk to the department officials and a toll free helpline is provided in this processor.
  5. Women can now get complete information about the registration from the concerned officer by calling the toll free number given above.

You can also submit your application form under Madhya Pradesh Rajya Nishta Vidyut Vidran Yojana 2021 as per the guidelines mentioned above. Apart from this, women can now avail the assistance of electricity department officials through the free helpline number given above. For more information, see the official website of the Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Department. Can view.


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