Madhya Pradesh pending bill waiver scheme 2021

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Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan has been presenting new projects from time to time for the social and economic development of the citizens of the state. Going forward in this direction, the state government has launched a new scheme for citizens using household electricity connections. The name of the project Madhya Pradesh pending bill waiver scheme 2021 There is.

Through our today’s article, we will present this to you MP pending bill waiver plan 2021 Providing Detailed Information About Our Page On this page, we will provide you with complete information about the process of submitting your online application form under this scheme and the list of required documents, eligibility rules and benefits available under the scheme. If you want to take advantage of this program, be sure to read our article in its entirety.

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MP Pakka Bill Mafi Yojana 2021

The state government of Madhya Pradesh has launched a new scheme to address the acute problem of citizens with domestic connections. The big problem here is the outstanding electricity bill. Sometimes, due to the high news about home connections, the electricity bill comes too high. Families of the poor and low-income groups are unable to afford such a large electricity bill. Thus, sometimes the electrical connection of their house is put on the card by the electricity board. Thus, consumers who use home connections face a major problem.

After the household electricity connection is disconnected, citizens have to re-apply for the new connection or pay the old outstanding electricity bill in full. It is often seen that due to lack of money, citizens are suffering from not being able to pay their electricity bills. In view of this issue, the Chief Minister of the State Shri Sivaraj Singh Chauhan G. MP pending electricity bill discount plan 2021 Implemented across the state. If you would like to get your home electricity connection discounted by applying under this scheme, please read our full article.

Benefits of the Bagaya Bill Mafi Plan 2021

MP pending electricity bill discount plan 2021 Will be provided to citizens under the following privileges.

  • Under the scheme, only low-income and below-poverty line families will be insured.
  • Under this scheme, only the citizens with housing connection will be benefited.
  • This project is not for commercial i.e. commercial electrical connection.
  • The benefit of this scheme will be given to the families or families who have not paid the electricity bill by paying higher fees.
  • The full benefits of the scheme will be extended to economically weaker families and BPL ration card holder families.
  • Families who do not pay their electricity bills due to lack of funds will be included under the scheme.
  • Home connection of those who do not pay electricity bills for long days will not be disconnected.

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Eligibility for MP Pakka Bill Mafi Scheme

Who are the citizens of Madhya Pradesh state Outstanding Bill Discount Plan 2021 Those who wish to submit the application form under SSC should fulfill the eligibility criteria as mentioned below.

  • Only those from the state of Madhya Pradesh can apply for waiver of their outstanding bills.
  • Under this scheme, only families with home connection will be insured.
  • Consumers with multiple commercial electrical connections of the business will not be covered under this scheme.
  • Only those families below the poverty line i.e. BPL or economically weaker will benefit from this or that.
  • To waive the electricity bill, the consumer has to submit all the documents given at the time of connection.

Documents for MP Bakaya Bill Mafi Yojana 2021

You will also need to include some essential documents with the Harijan bond. MP pending electricity bill discount plan 2021 The following documents should be submitted along with the application form.

  • Aadhar card of the applicant
  • Identity Card
  • Voter ID card
  • pan card
  • Home electrical connection paper
  • Copy of old electricity bill
  • Bucky Receipt
  • Basic address proof
  • Certificate of Income
  • Caste certificate
  • Copy of ration card

Apply online for the MP Pakka Bill Mafi Scheme

It’s okay if your house’s electricity bill is too high and you can not pay it. Electricity tariff waiver scheme pending in Madhya Pradesh Under this, you can deduct the full electricity bill for your home’s electrical connection. Below are all the guidelines to apply under the scheme.

  1. Under the scheme, camps or camps will be organized by the state government at all district and block levels for the enrollment of citizens.
  2. If there is no work around you, you will have to go to the electricity department office.
  3. By going to the office, you need to pick up the application form to apply under the pending electricity bill discount scheme through the official portal.
  4. In the next step, all the above mentioned documents should be attached with the application form.
  5. After completing the above mentioned process, you have to submit the application form and all the documents to the authorized person.

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You can complete your application by following the same procedure mentioned above. MP pending electricity bill discount plan 2021 After applying below, you will also need to pick up a receipt. Your confirmation number is placed on this receipt. With the help of this application number, you can easily track the status of your application in the future. For more information and assistance regarding this project, visit the official website of the Department Please visit


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