Maharashtra Chief Minister Surya Krishi Pump Project Registration 2020

Chief Minister Sur Krushi Pump Yojana Maharashtra 2020

The Chief Minister’s Sur Krishi Pump Scheme or the Chief Minister’s Sur Krushi Pump Scheme is run by the Government of Maharashtra. Under this scheme, instead of electric pumps, solar powered pumps will be provided to farmers. Information on Surya Krishi Pump Yojana application form and online registration can be found here. Also, what documents are required and what qualifications are required are also stated here.

Bihar Kisan Panchikaran

Chief Minister Krishi Pump Yojana Maharashtra

Under the Chief Minister Sir Krishi Pump Scheme, the government will provide subsidy to set up new pumps. Or those who farm in Maharashtra and do not own an electric pump will be subsidized. These solar pumps are used for irrigation. The decision of the Government of Maharashtra to provide solar pumps is a meaningful step. In this project, there will be a replacement of the old electric irrigation pump. New solar pumps will be installed in their place.

PM KISAN 2021 List

Atal Sur Krishi Pump Project – Maharashtra Solar Pump Project

The Solar Pump Project in Maharashtra is also known as the Atal Krishi Pump Project. The project is named in the state. Under this scheme, about 1 lakh irrigation pumps will be installed for farmers by next year. The benefits of this scheme will be provided to them by creating a list of pump project beneficiaries. We tell you the benefits of the Chief Minister Solar Pump Project.

Maharashtra Solar Pump Scheme 2021 Benefits

The benefits of the Chief Minister Sir Krishi Pump Scheme are many. Here we give its list i.e. list –

  • Farmers residing in Maharashtra will benefit from this scheme.
  • Pumps ranging from three horsepower to five horsepower will be sent to you.
  • A total of 1 lakh solar pumps will be distributed under the Atal Solar Krishi Pump Scheme.
  • These solar pumps will be distributed in three phases of the Maharashtra Solar Pump Project.
  • Those who already have an electric pump will not get the benefit of the solar pump scheme 2021.
  • The government will also benefit from the solar pump project and work on power consumption.
  • Pollution reduction will benefit the environment.
  • The Maharashtra Kisan Pump project will reduce the subsidy burden.

Under another scheme, Chief Minister Sir Krishi Vahini Yojana will provide electricity to farmers at pumps. It is also known as the Krishi Solar Energy Project.

Sur Krishi Yojana Eligibility in Hindi – Eligibility List 2021

Eligibility of Chief Minister Sir Krishi Yojana is as follows –

  • The benefits of the Solar AG Pump Project will be available to those whose water sources in their fields have been repaired.
  • Farmers who do not use electricity are eligible for this scheme.
  • Farmers who farm outside the common area and are tribal farmers will benefit from the Atal Krishi Pump Scheme.
  • All villages without electricity will benefit from the solar pump scheme.

Maharashtra Sur Krishi Pump Project – Required Documents

You have to submit some documents for the application of Chief Minister Sir Krishi Yojana Government of Maharashtra –

  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID card
  • Certificate of Residence or Residence
  • Domain Door or Bullock
  • Copy of bank account
  • Mobile number of the farmer
  • Photo
  • Pending AG Link Consumer Details
  • Address of the agricultural land where the pump is to be installed (as per 7/12)
  • 7/12 Extraction
  • Rs.200 / – on stamp paper
  • NOC of the department concerned only in the dark water shed area
  • SC / ST Certificate

When you submit the above documents you will be registered in the Sur Krishi Yojana.

Maharashtra Sur Krishi Pump Yojana Online Application Form – How to apply?

To apply online, fill up the application form of the Chief Minister’s Solar Agricultural Pump Scheme online –

  • Click
  • Visit the official website.
  • Click the User Services or Beneficiary Services option.
  • There you will find the facility for new registration, also known as new registration.
  • Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company
  • Enter information on pending AG Link consumer details.
  • Fill in the applicant and location details on the form.
  • Select the nearest MSEDCL consumer number (where the pump will be installed) to apply for the solar pump project.
  • Enter the applicant’s residential address and details of the applicant’s location in the Krishi Pump Scheme.
  • After entering all this information, you need to upload the document.
  • Submit the form and apply online.

Click here to apply –


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