Mary Fazal Mera Biora Status Test

Registration of Farmers was started by the Government of Haryana under the Meri Pasal Mera Biora Yojana 2021. Farmers who want to check their registration status can open the Farmer Registration List and search for their name in it. Kisan Mandi Registration, Status and Other Information We will provide you today with details about the Mary Pasal Mera Biora Project.

Check the status of Mary Fazal Mera Biora

If you want to check the status of your crop record or farmer record, use the method mentioned here.

How to check my crop registration status

  • Visit
  • Click on the ‘Print’ option
  • Enter your name in English
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter the bank account number
  • Press the Enter button
  • Check your Marie Pasal Mera Bora account information and status there

Record of Mary Pasal Mera Biora

Haryana farmers can register for the Meri Pasal Mera Biora Yojana 2021 online. To do this, you need to fill up the registration form or registration form as mentioned here –

  • Visit
  • Click the Register button
  • To register a farmer (tenant), fill in your mobile number in the search box.
  • Get the farmer’s approval or Farner’s approval
  • Enter crop details
  • Enter farmer details or farmer details
  • Write Mandi / Artia details or (Mandi / Artia details)
  • Complete your Haryana Kisan registration by submitting the form

This way any farmer can register or register his online under Haryana Mera Fazal Mera Biora Yojana 2021.

Mary Pasal Mera Biora Login

  • Go to
  • Mandi Secretary Click on the login link
  • Enter the details of the Market Committee Secretary
  • Select the district
  • Select Market Center
  • Market Committee Secretary Fill in your mobile number in the search box
  • My crop My details Login

Mary Fazal Mera Biora Portal

Name Mary Fazal Mera Biora Portal
Power Government of Haryana
Department Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare,
Department of Citizen Resource Information,
Haryana State Agricultural Market Board
Official website
Services Farmer Registration, Crop Registration, Mandi Information
Need registration? Yes
Contact number 1800-180-2117, 1800-180-2060
Beneficiaries Haryana farmers


There is also a facility to register under Mera Pasal Mera Biora on the Haryana E-Purchase website. To do this, one has to go to the E Kharid Portal and fill out the form as mentioned here.

Mary Pasal Mera Biora e Charith Record

  • Visit Page Water is life
  • Fill in the Farmer Registration Form for e-purchase
  • Enter farmer registration information
  • Enter crop notification information
  • Identify the land
  • Remove the form with the reference number, farmer ID or family ID
  • Enter account details
  • Submit the form and complete the registration under e-Purchase

This will enable farmers to register their account and register their crop online.

Mary Fazal Mera Byora List 2021

The list of Mary Pasal Mera Biora has been published and you can see your name online in this list. To do this, go to the official website of Mary Fazal Mera Biora and see the list as described here –

  • Visit
  • Click the link to the Mandi wise cat list
  • Select the district
  • Select the crop
  • Choose the market
  • Select one from MM / PC / SY
  • Select the date
  • Click on the View list
  • My crop list goes into my details

This way, using the online facility, you can get registration and other services under Mary Pasal Mera Biora Yojana Haryana 2021. For other information, call the helpline at 1800-180-2117 or 1800-180-20609 from 9am to 5pm.

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