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Mgnrega bhugtan ki jankari

MGNREGA or MGNREGA is an employment guarantee scheme. Under this, all the unemployed are offered jobs by the government at the minimum wage. MNREGA has an arrangement to provide a job for every household. If its payment is not received or MNREGA payment is not credited to your account, find out how to obtain MNREGA payment information. MNREGA Work Card Account Here is the procedure for making rupee payment status. How to view NREGA fees ?

MGNREGA Bhutan Ki Jankari

How to get MGNREGA payment information on whether the money has arrived in the account or not?

  • Visit the MNREGA website first.
  • On the homepage of, click on the MIS Report option.
  • This section contains information on the pay of all NREGA workers.
  • On the next page, click the Link for Financial Advancement.
  • Go to the link to the financial statement in the option given on the next page.
  • There will be a list of NREGA fees for all states. Click the name of your state.
  • District wise MNREGA fee details will be optional.
  • Select your district and block / panchayat.
  • Click the master roll number in the task name section.
  • On the next page, you will find the MGNREGA payment information in the detailed report.

MGNREGA Details List 2021 – MIS Report

All this information is given on the MNREGA website –

MGNREGA User details MGNREGA User Info

On the MNREGA website, you will find all the user related information –

  • Work card related reports
  • Category wise family / workers
  • Work card not issued
  • Total number of reference number entered for MGNREGA
  • Minor registration and employment persons
  • Applicants with deleted work card / A / C Photos not uploaded
  • Adar Population Verification Status Report
  • FRA User Profile
  • Workers’ mobile number registration status
  • Labor account details
  • Number of MGNREGA Accounts by Bank / State
  • Joint Account Details
  • Account opened at MGNREGA through Bank / Post Office and disbursed
  • State wise number of MGNREGA banks
  • Dynamic report on skilled / semi-skilled labor account details
  • Women Joint Account Profile
  • Skilled / semi-skilled workers by gender


The MGNREGA efms report contains this information –

  • Call
  • FTO status report
  • Daily square of FTO
  • FTO partially processed report
  • Partial fee FTO status report
  • Rejected Wage Transaction Rejected
  • Reconciliation pending transaction
  • FTO outstanding
  • FTO Pending Device Report
  • FTO with Co-operative Bank is pending
  • Account frozen
  • Status of frozen employee account
  • Seller information is frozen
  • The frozen state of the skilled semi-worker
  • DPR Frozen Statement Report
  • Workers holding accounts in a cooperative bank
  • Tax paid for the financial year
  • Taxes payable to the seller (July 1 to November 17) FY
  • e-FMS monitoring system
  • Amount provided by e-FMS
  • Status of EFMS function
  • Transaction processing time
  • Aadhar based fee
  • Aadhar based payment statement
  • PFMS Widget
  • The status of the FTO transaction is processed through the PFMS window
  • PFMS response level
  • Monitor FTO
  • N-EFMS window
  • FTO transaction status is activated through the PFMS window after N-EFMS implementation
  • N-EFMS FTO monitoring

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