Mobile number tracking on Google Map 2021

Mobile number tracking on Google Map 2021

Mobile number tracking on Google Map 2021

Often when our mobile phone goes missing or we need to track a mobile number, we accidentally install a fake mobile number tracker app. It can also be mobile phone tracking software viruses.

So today we will tell you about a way you can track the exact location of the phone online on Google Map. This application detects the location of your phone with the help of GPS.

Mobile number tracking on Google Map 2021 – Free Mobile Phone Tracker

Use Google Find My Device to locate and locate your mobile phone. Google Find My Device uses your phone’s global stabilization system to find the exact location of a mobile number.

Mobile number tracking on Google Map 2021

The need to monitor mobile on the map

Before you can use Google Find My Device, you need to do some settings on your Android phone.

Find Mobile Phone Location Using Android Device Manager

After downloading Google Find My Device Android processor on your mobile, you can find the phone online on your laptop. To do this, you need to open the Android Device Manager website on Google.

Here’s how to find a phone on Google Map –

  • On your computer Open it.
  • Sign in with your Google Account.
  • Note that you must sign in with the same account on your phone.
  • After logging in, select the brand and model of your phone.
  • Android Device Manager keeps track of your phone’s location on Google Maps.

Mobile number tracking on Google Map 2021 – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find the location of any Android phone?


Yes. If you want, you can find the exact location of any Android phone on Google Map.

Find My Device Free Mobile Phone Tracker?

Yes, Google Find My Device is a free mobile phone tracking software. To do this you need to sign in to your Google account i.e. Gmail.

Is phone tracking legal?

Phone tracking is legal if you are tracking your phone with the help of your Google account. If you track someone else’s phone without their permission, it is called illegal phone tracking. We prohibit the use of illegal tracking software.

Is the location of the phone correct on Google Map?

Yes, it’s perfect to use Find My Device to track a phone on Google Map. This is Google’s official service.



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