My Family Registration Online 2021

My Family Registration Online 2021

My Family Registration Online 2021

The Haryana government has launched the Mera Parivar Haryana website for online family identity registration. The official website of provides application form for renewal of family details. This is an application for various pension schemes under Haryana Parivar Bachan Bhadra Yojana.

To register with my family Haryana government, you have to use the method mentioned here. Learn the complete information and registration process of Haryana Identity Card in Hindi.

My Family Registration Online Registration Process 2021

There are online and offline methods for my family registration in Haryana. To register online, you need to visit the official website registration page. There you have to fill up the online registration form. After this your family ID card will be generated. You will be issued a family ID card. With the help of that family ID, family information can be updated online. After that Family registration Your name will be added.

My Family Registration Online 2021

How to register on Mera Parivar Haryana Registration Portal?

  • Go to
  • Click Updated Family Details
  • ‘Do you know Parivar Beshan Bhadra (Family ID)?’ You will find an option called.
  • Click Yes if you know.
  • If you do not have a family ID card, click No.
  • On the next page, enter your reference number
  • Your family details will be displayed there.
  • Open the new membership registration form
  • Enter details of new family members in Mera Parivar Haryana Registration Form.
  • Submit the form and complete the registration process.

Check more –

My Family Registration Online 2021-Haryana Mera Parivar Registration Form Download 2021 Registration Form – You have to register a new family and if you do not have a family ID number you have to go to my family government on the registration page for new family identities. There you will receive an offline registration form. You can download the form in PDF format.

After downloading Haryana Family Registration PDF Form 2021, you can fill it out. Click here to download the form – Download the PDF form

How to fill up Haryana Parivar Beshan Bhadra Application Form?

You can download Haryana Parivar Beshan Bhadra form in the way given above. Now we tell you what you need to fill out in that form and how to submit it. Use the information provided here to fill up the Haryana Parivar Beshan Bhadra Registration Form –

Haryana Parivar Beshan Bhadra Registration Form 2021
  • Open the New Family Registration section
  • Enter your district and region
  • Enter the block, city, ward and village.
  • Now, go to the Home Leader Details section.
  • Enter the name of the head of the family for the Parivar Pechan Bond Registration
  • Enter the parents’ name and gender
  • Provide age, DOB and mobile number
  • Enter Source number Or EID number
  • Give the reason for joining the family
  • After that, you will see the table where you have to enter the details of all the members of the family
  • Submit the form along with the required documents to the local Atal Seva Kendra or CSC Center.
  • Your new Parivar Beshan bond family will be registered.

Mera Parivar Haryana Registration Benefits

List of benefits for registered families under Registration Scheme –

  • PMAY Benefits
  • Medicinal benefits
  • Benefits of Ayushman Bharat
  • Ration card Benefits
  • Scholarship benefits
  • Benefits of a pension plan
  • Retirement pension Benefits
  • Widow’s pension Benefits
  • Disability pension benefits
  • Social Welfare Program Benefits
  • Grant benefits
  • Tracking lost family members

About Mera Parivar Haryana

Name Mera Parivar Haryana
Official website
Services Parivar Pechan Bond Registration, Online Application
Initiated by Government of Haryana
Beneficiaries People of Haryana
Login page

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