New Delhi Corona Relief – Ration Janata Samwat Work Ration (Without OTP, E Coupon)


Application of Delhi CM Corona Relief Janta Samvat Ork

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has started helping the public with the Corona Relief Fund in New Delhi. For this Janta Samvat Organization A website has been created under the name. However, as the website continues to crash due to server issues, we will tell you another way to seek Corona relief. This system will also provide you with ration card free food grains in Delhi like Ration Janta Samwat Ork.

Click here for a temporary ration card.

What is the New Delhi Corona Relief Project in Janta Samvat?

Like the Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Fund, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also announced the Corona Relief. An option called Corona Relief Request has been placed on the Janata Samvat website where residents of Delhi can avail assistance without ration card.

The best thing is that, like the ration facility of Janta Samwad Arkin, there is no need to make any application here. A contact form was made to replace the Corona relief application form. You can make Delhi Chief Minister Corona relief request from this contact form. Not for you Temporary ration coupon OTP is not required.

How to apply for Corona Relief in New Delhi?

To make a corona relief request in Delhi, you have to use the given method.

  1. First go to the Janta Samvad Org website.
  2. In your browser Open it.
  3. The website is down now, so click the new public dialog link.
  4. There you can find Delhi Corona relief application form.
  5. Write your name on that application form.
  6. Before that you enter your mobile number to contact.
  7. Finally, write down your address where you need corona relief.
  8. Submit the form.

After this, someone from the Janta Samvat organization will contact you for a ration. Tell him your problem and you can get help from Corona Relief. This includes the provision of free rations to you, and assistance to the poor in other ways.




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