Nirvik Yojana 2021

Nirvik Yojana 2021

Nirvik Yojana 2021

Today we will provide you with information about the Nirvik project launched by the Central Government. Here you will be told what are the benefits of a management plan or export credit development plan and how to utilize it. In addition, you will be provided with information about the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India. The project has been implemented under this Corporation.

Nirvik Yojana 2021-What is Nirvik Yojana?

What is a management plan? The Central Government’s Management Plan is a scheme launched for exporters. Under the Nirvik scheme there is an arrangement to provide credit to export i.e. export traders. This loan is called the Export Credit Development Program. This loan will be insured by the government i.e. 90% of the interest and principal amount will be insured. This includes ESCG and ESIC.

Nirvik Yojana 2021-Details of Niryat Rin Vikas Yojana in Hindi

Under the Export Credit Development Scheme, loans will be provided by the government to exporters. This loan will be a guaranteed loan. If a trader has a debt of less than Rs 80 crore, such an export business will be guaranteed a loan of 60% under the Nirvik scheme.

Nirvik Yojana 2021-About the PM Nirvik Plan

  • Ninety per cent of the total loan amount under the Pradhan Mantri Nirvik scheme will be insured.
  • Post-export credit is available under the Nirvik scheme.
  • Export benefit is also available prior to the plan.
  • Of this, the minimum interest rate will be four per cent and the maximum interest rate will be eight per cent.
  • The premium rate will be a minimum of .60% and a maximum of .72%.

Nirvik Yojana 2021-Objectives of the Niryat Rin Vikas Project

  • This project will increase exports.
  • The company can compete more in the export sector.
  • With the help of easy loans and insurance, it will be easier to do business safely.
  • If promoted by the government, people will be attracted towards the export service.

All these objectives are set by the government for the Export Credit Development Plan or the Management Plan.

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