NREGA MIS Report Verification 2021

NREGA MIS Report Verification 2021

Labor brothers who registered themselves under the NREGA program, they NREGA Work Card And NREGA Payment List Verification Can. In addition, the NREGA website has a system to verify the NREGA MIS report or NREGA MIS report. Today we will provide you with information about NREGA’s MIS Report in Hindi.

Find out the details of the NREGA Miss Report here.

NREGA MIS Report Verification 2021-MGNREGA MIS Report Details in Hindi

What is MIS?

MIS stands for Ministry Information Report. The report of the ministry behind every project of the government is called the Ministry Information Report or MIS.

nrega False Report 2021

The NREGA MIS Report is the work report of the NREGA published in the name of the Ministry and is posted online on the MNREGA website. You can check the NREGA MIS statement of each financial year i.e. financial year online.

NREGA MIS Report Verification 2021-Information contained in the NREGA MIS Report

What information or information does the NREGA MIS report contain?

When you receive NREGA’s MIS Report, you will receive information from the list given here –

  • Job type
  • Number of approved tasks
  • Total jobs
  • Works in unison
  • Total work taken
  • Total work taken in conjunction with
  • Ongoing tasks
  • Completed tasks

All of this information is contained in the NREGA MIS report. Apart from this, we will tell you what work has been announced in the NREGA MIS Report 2021.

NREGA MIS Report Verification 2021-NREGA MIS Report 2021 List – All States

For the financial year 2021, the following report is issued under the following option – Job type Job number under integration in MIS .

S No. Type Total Authorized Works Total work taken
1 Anganwadi / Other Rural Infrastructure 60972 19686
2 Coastal areas 15 4
3 Drought proof 291968 140670
4 Rural drinking water 0 0
5 Food grain 0 0
6 Flood control and protection 93992 49691
7 Fisheries 5015 2431
8 Micro Irrigation Works 170400 105894
9 Individuals working on land (Type IV) 2044258 848418
10 Land development 316139 195372
11 Other tasks 0 0
12 Playground 0 0
13 Rural connection 197867 96878
14 Rural sanitation 54172 27083
15 Bharat Construction Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra 0 0
16 Water storage and water collection 326820 162331
17 Alignment of traditional watersheds 70938 41302

NREGA MIS Report Verification 2021-How to check NREGA MIS report online?

To view NREGA’s MIS report, do –

  • Visit
  • Select the MIS Report option
  • Job type wise number
  • Select the state name
  • Select the fiscal year
  • Submit the form and view the NREGA MIS report online

NREGA MIS Report Verification 2021

More details can be found here –

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