NREGA Work Card List 2020

NREGA Work Card List 2020

NREGA Work Card List 2020

In each state, a work card is issued under the Employment Guarantee Scheme. A list of work card holders has been prepared, which you can view on the MNREGA website. You can check your MNREGA work card account online. Its information is given here. Also every MGNREGA work card holder can see his name in the NREGA work card list.

Job Account Website Cheque NREGA Payment List

NREGA Work Card List 2020-Check NREGA work card account online

To verify your MNREGA work card, you need to go to There are many features related to NREGA –

  • Fee performance
  • EFMS reports
  • NRM work
  • Work cards
  • Monitor FTO
  • FTO / Bank is pending for response processing
  • State-wise Janmanreka user report

One can verify his MGNREGA work card by selecting the Work Card option. Check the name on the MGNREGA work card list.

NREGA Work Card List 2020-Check NREGA work card account

Use this method to verify your MNREGA work card account –

  • Net NREGA website NREGA Nick Inn To go
  • There you will find a link called Work Card
  • Click on it to open the state page
  • Select your state name
  • After that the Grama Panchayat model of NREGA work account will open in front of you.
  • You can view your NREGA work card account online.

Click here to check MNREGA Work Card Account.


NREGA Work Card List 2020-NREGA Work Card List 2021

To view your MGNREGA Work Card List 2021, use this method –

MGNREGA Job Card Checklist

  • Go to the state page of the MGNREGA work card.
  • There you will find a list of MGNREGA states.
  • Go to the MNREGA Job Account login page by selecting your state name
  • After opening the Gram Panchayat Constituency page, select the financial year.
  • Select the work card list district you want to view
  • Select the module for the module’s MNREGA Job Card list
  • Select the name of the panchayat to see your panchayat job card holder list
  • Then submit the form and download the list of work card holders

If you would like to see a list of MNREGA job cardholders for 2021, select 2021-2021 for the fiscal year.

NREGA Work Card List 2020-MGNREGA Work Card Level 2021

Regardless of who holds the MNREGA Work Card, they can view their MNREGA Work Card account from their state’s MNREGA portal. The working card status of your MNREGA account will be known. For this, you need to go to your state’s MNREGA account page.

All States MGNREGA Job Account Login Page

Cheque- NREGA Grama Panchayat Information

NREGA Job Account Details

The name of the project MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act Scheme)
Service name MNREGA Work Card Account View
Official website NREGA Nick Inn (
Established Government of India
Beneficiary Rural workers and unemployed people of India
Contact number of the Ministry of Rural Development 23782327


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