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New Delhi is the capital of our country. Many come here for work, many come for education, many come for work. In such a situation people have to travel from one place to another every day. If the transport facility is not effective in this situation, people will face many problems.

In view of this issue, Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal G thought of improving the Delhi transport system. Today, many Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses operate in Delhi. But one drawback was found, people had to go offline. Delhi Bus Pass / Delhi Bus Pass Had to stand in line for hours to do that.

Because of this his whole day was spoiled. Considering this issue DTC Online Bus e-Pass / Online DTC Bus E-Pass Facility available. This feature was introduced by DTC on July 1, 2007. 39 Bus Pass Center Puri Delhi / Delhi Bus Pass Center Works on. Delhi DTC Online Bus Pass / Delhi DTC Online Bus Pass Made by computer in 2 minutes. Also on this page we will learn the complete details of Online Pass.

Delhi DTC Pass Types for Students

Delhi DTC Bus Pass Types for Students

If a student wants to take the DTC bus facility, he must first know what kind of bus pass he can get. The student can pass three types.

1- First DTC Bus e-Pass / DTC Bus e-Pass It costs the student Rs 100 a month and it is without air conditioning (AC).

2 – The second pass is all the way Delhi Bus Pass / Delhi Bus Pass In this you can go anywhere in Delhi, it costs Rs.100 and there is no air-conditioned (AC) bus.

3 – The third one Delhi DTC Route Special Bus E-Pass / Delhi DTC Route Special Bus E-Pass There is one that does not have air conditioning (AC), which costs Rs.150 per month.

Delhi DTC Bus Types E-Pass for Citizens

Delhi DTC Bus Types E-Pass for the general public

  • DTC General All Route Bus Pass (GLS) / DTC General All Route Bus Pass There is an Air Conditioning (AC) pass for Rs.800 and an Air Conditioning (AC) e-Pass for Rs.1000. Both are for a month.
  • Press Delhi All Route Bus Pass / Delhi All Route Bus Pass 100 is for refrigerated (AC) and Rs. 200 for refrigerated (AC).
  • Senior citizen over 60 years of age All Route GLC DTC Bus Pass / All Way GLC DTC Bus Pass Rs.250 is without air conditioning (AC) and Rs.350 is without air conditioning (AC).

Who can travel for free on Delhi DTC Bus?

Who can travel for free on Delhi DTC Bus?

Disabled, freedom fighters, athletes who have played internationally, any person who has won an award at the international level, war widow i.e. widows of unearned war martyrs or MLAs / MPs of Delhi.

Delhi DTC Inter-State Bus Pass Price / Cost / Fare

Price / price / price of DTC bus pass for inter-state travel

Many entrepreneurs or many have to move from one state to another. In such a situation, a lot of their money is spent on travel. Government for these people too Delhi DTC Pass / Delhi DTC Pass The facility is there. You can get a DTC pass anywhere from the list below.

Where from where Rs
From Delhi to Bhagatgarh 1160
From Delhi to Gurgaon 1500
From Delhi to Faridabad 1800
From Delhi to Ghaziabad 1640

How to apply for Delhi DTC Bus e-Pass online?

How to apply for DTC Bus e-Pass Online?

If you are a resident of Delhi and you have to travel by bus daily to office, college or school, it can be very expensive. By the Government of Delhi DTC Bus Pass Online Application / Apply Online Delhi DTC Bus Pass Facility provided. Delhi Bus Pass / Delhi Bus Pass You must follow the procedure given below to apply.

Time required: 15 minutes.

  1. This facility is for Delhi people only. First here Click.
  2. Clicking on it will open a website on its right hand side. “Get e-Pass / Get e-Pass” It will be written, click on it.
  3. After you click “DTC Pass Application Form / DTC Pass Application Form” Will be viewed
  4. In it you have to fill in various types of information like name, father’s name, date of birth, gender, age, city, zip, address, area.
  5. Then submit the form. Click on the payment option.
  6. You can pay by credit card, debit card, UPI, net banking or any other application.
  7. Within 5 days of payment “Home DTC Pass / Home DTC Pass” Will come.

College students apply for Delhi DTC e-Pass offline

Delhi DTC e Pass Offline Application for College Students

If you are a college student and your educational institution is far away from your home, you need to catch a daily DTC bus to reach your college. In such a situation, it will cost a lot of money for your pocket and your parents. If you have Delhi Bus e-Pass / Delhi Bus e-Pass If you do that

  • First “Bus Pass Center Puri Delhi / Delhi Bus Pass Center” Or “DTC Bus Depot / DTC Bus Depot” Go inside and bring it from the DTC form.
  • Fill in the information requested on that form.
  • Attach the payment receipt to the e-pass deposited in the form of a fee to your college, otherwise attach your college ID card with the form.
  • Submit it to the college. Take that form the next day.
  • Now after that go to the depot mentioned by the college regarding the form.
  • Give the form to the person sitting at the depot.
  • Build it for as many months as you want.
  • There is a separate charge of Rs 15 for printing the e-pass.

Delhi DTC e-Pass Helpline No.

Delhi DTC e Pass Helpline No.

If you are in Delhi DTC Bus e-Pass / Delhi DTC Bus E-Pass It’s okay if you encounter any problems while applying. DTC officials will help you to get the pass. You can contact the authorities with the information given below.

  • Office Address – Pass Section, Delhi Transport Corporation, Cynthia House, KG Mark, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110 001
  • Office Phone Number – 011-23752769 – 75, Extension 226
  • Official Help Center – 08744073213
  • Help Desk Email ID – [email protected]
  • Call time – 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on all working days

Frequently Asked Questions on Delhi DTC Bus Pass Online

Questions for Delhi DTC Bus Pass

You may have any question regarding Delhi DTC Bus Pass. Here we are with you Delhi DTC Bus Pass / Delhi DTC Bus Pass To provide answers to frequently asked questions.

What is Delhi DTC Online Bus E Pass?

The Delhi DTC Online Bus is provided online by the e-Pass Department so that any citizen can travel by bus without paying full time for a month.

How many types of Delhi Bus Pass are there?

There are three types of DTC Delhi Bus Pass: DTC General All Route Bus Pass (GLS), Delhi Press All Route Bus Pass and All Route GLC DTC Bus Boss.

Is there a separate DTC pass for college students?

Yes. Students are offered a different type of pass through which they can travel for less money. The procedure for applying is given above.

What is the price of DTC Bus Pass for inter-state travel?

For trips between states at different places you have to make different passes, for which the list of prices is given above.

What is the helpline number of Delhi DTC Department?

You can contact the Delhi DTC Department for any issue. Helpline 011-23752769 Call or [email protected] Email This way you can tell the authorities your problems.


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