osepa Login Author Profile e-Administration 2021

osepa Login Author Profile e-Administration 2021

Osaba Government of Odisha The Government of Odisha has established the website of the Odisha School Education Authority under the Education for All program. Osseba Odisha Portal is the official website of Odisha School e-Government Applications. View the Osseba Odisha login page, extended MIS, author profile and Osseba e admin details online here.

osepa Login Author Profile e-Administration 2021 – Extended EMIS osepa.odisha.gov.in Login

There is a separate website called EMIS Odisha for Osepa Extended EMIS under OSEPA Odisha. You can open the website here http://emisosepa.odisha.gov.in/. Here is how you can log in to the Odisha Osaba login page.

osepa Login Author Profile e-Administration 2021

How to login to Osepa.odisha.gov.in Extended EMIS Portal?

  1. Go to Emisosepa.odisha.gov.in
  2. Open the Management Information Center website.
  3. Find the extended EMIS login form
  4. Enter your Odisha EMIS User ID
  5. Provide your OSEPA Odisha password
  6. Enter the code shown there.
  7. Click the Sign In button.

You can easily sign in to the Odisha Osseba EMIS login page. Visit the EMIS Osepa homepage to sign in.

Cheque – covid19.odisha.gov.in

osepa Login Author Profile e-Administration 2021-View and edit school profile in OSEPA Odisha Extended MIS

When you sign in to the OSEPA Extended MIS module, you will receive an option to verify the school profile there. For that, you need to visit the school block and follow these instructions.


How to view school profile in OSEPA EMIS school block?

  • Go to the OSEPA EMIS Portal
  • Open the School module in the expanded MIS dashboard.
  • From the menu, select School.
  • Click School Profile
  • The list of school profiles will open on the screen.
  • Provide the district name, block, and cluster
  • Choose school and school administration
  • Enter the school UDISE code
  • Specify school type, type, level and infrastructure status
  • See the school profile in the expanded MIS module on the OSEPA Odisha website.

osepa Login Author Profile e-Administration 2021

You can easily check your OSEPA Odisha school profile online.

osepa Login Author Profile e-Administration 2021-How to edit and update school profile on Osseba Odisha Extended MIS Portal?

  • Sign in to the OSEPA School EMIS module
  • Open school profile option
  • When editing, choose between profile and infrastructure
  • Enter new school profile update information
  • Submit the form and update the profile

OSEPA School profile and infrastructure details can be downloaded in PDF from the Government of Odisha website.

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osepa Login Author Profile e-Administration 2021-View and edit the Osseba Odisha Extended MIS Student Register

You can also avail the following student services on the OSEPA Odisha EMIS website –

  • See student record
  • Edit the student record
  • Student Admission and New Student Add
  • See Student History
  • Transfer students from one school to another
  • Add an existing student to the school register
  • Update Student Adar
  • View duplicate student entry
  • Update students’ daily attendance
  • Update monthly student attendance
  • See suspended student
  • Transfer the student from school
  • Remove student record from school

osepa Login Author Profile e-Administration 2021-To view the updated student registration at Emisosepa.odisha.gov.in in Extended MIS, use the following procedure –

  1. Go to Emisosepa.odisha.gov.in
  2. Log in to the expanded MIS module
  3. Open the Student Section
  4. For Student Registration Management, click on the Student Management option.
  5. For new student admissions, click the Admission option.
  6. Click on the transfer or student transfer option outside our school.
  7. For Student Assessment, click the Assessment Option.
  8. For other services, select the Incentive or Exit monitoring option

osepa Login Author Profile e-Administration 2021

OSEPA Author Profile Login link at ntse.scertodisha.nic.in

osepa.odisha.gov.in has an editorial module for updating author profile and viewing teacher details online. To do so, you need to open the Osseba author profile login page in ntse scert odisha nic and follow these steps.

osepa Login Author Profile e-Administration 2021-How to login to Odisha OSEPA Editor Profile Page?

  • Go to the OSEPA editor profile link
  • Open https://ntse.scertodisha.nic.in/
  • Click the User Login option
  • Enter the ID and password used
  • Enter the captcha code and log in to the author profile page

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osepa Login Author Profile e-Administration 2021-Orissa OSEPA Editor General View Page

Teachers can also view their Oseba teacher profile via the Public School View page. To view the OSEPA Author General Profile, use the following methods –

  • Open https://ntse.scertodisha.nic.in/
  • Select the Author Public View option
  • Open the public view of the school with the teachers.
  • Select the district, block, and school level and submit the form
  • Your OSEPA editor profile will be displayed there.

To check the profile, visit the following website- https://ntse.scertodisha.nic.in/ public / Teacher-school-view.aspx.


For more details on Odisha OSEPA Login and e-Administration, visit the official website of odisha.gov.in Check out more details Words.

For any more information,queries,data or anything else, please feel free to contact us through any platforms.



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