Palanhar Fare Status 2021

Palanhar Fare Status 2021

Palanhar Fare Status 2021

The online facility will check the payment status at i.e. the payment status of Palanhar Yojana of the Government of Rajasthan. Applicants who have applied on the Balan Portal can view their application status or fee status. Also, you can see the list or list of Palanhar users

You can use Application ID, Pamasha Number or Jana Aadhar ID to know the status of Palanhar. See Pt Kisan payment status here.

Check Palanhar status online on Rajasthan Palanhar portal for 2018-2019, 2019-2021, 2021-21.

Palanhar Fare Status 2021-How to check Palanhar payment status?

After visiting the Palanhar Portal of the Government of Rajasthan, i.e. you will get a status verification form. There are two types of positions – Palanhar Yojana application level and Fee Benefit Yojana level. You must provide your Palanhar Yojana account details to verify the payment status.

Palanhar fare level Buchanan level
Palanhar Bhuktan Stiti form

Palanhar Fare Status 2021-Process of checking Palanhar payment status online –

  • Website of the Palanhar Project To go
  • There, open the status page of the application.
  • Then select the level type.
  • You will have two options – application level or fee level
  • You can check the payment status by selecting the payment status option.
  • In the next option, select the Palanhar application ID / Pamasha number.
  • Enter your application number, Pamasha number or Jan Aadhar number in the form.
  • The payment level of your Palanhar Yojana will be displayed there.

You can check the Balanhar payment status online through the method mentioned above.

Palanhar Fare Status 2021-How To Check Palanhar Application Status Online

  • You can check the application status by following the steps above.
  • Go to the Palanhar Portal page.
  • Select the Application Status option and enter your application ID number.
  • The status of your application will be displayed there.

Check the Janata Samvat ration card here. -Palanhar Fare Status 2021

  • Application for Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana is going on in Rajasthan sso portal.
  • You must have an SSO ID with the help of which you can get paid.
  • For people living in Rajasthan, there are two ways to register Palanhar on the Rajasthan website.
  • The first way is to register Palanhara with your Pamasha card number.
  • You can register a second from Rajasthan Janadhar or Jan Aadhar number.
  • Those who are not in Rajasthan can register for the Rajasthan SSO Portal from their Google Account or Facebook account.
  • For Palanhar Yojana registration, you must be a resident of Rajasthan.

Register Palanhar on SSO Rajasthan website.

Palanhar Fare Status 2021 – Palanhar List John Sushna List

Rajasthan Public Information Website Palanhar list viewing facility. Beneficiaries who want to see the list of Palanhar users, they can see it on the Jan Sushna portal. Rajasthan Palanhar Beneficiary List is provided by district.

Visit the Palanhar Yojana and Beneficiary Information website. There are four options

  • Find out about your application status
  • Eligibility rules of the beneficiary
  • Get the user information of the Palanhar project in your area (list of beneficiaries)
  • Find out about Palanhar Community Audit Information

With these facilities you can get information of Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana.

See Palanhar List 2021 on Rajasthan Jan Sushna Portal

  • Feather. Go.
  • Select the name of your district where you want to see the list of Palanhar Yojana.
  • In the list of districts, view the list of bodies by selecting the beneficiary of your district.
  • Select the user layout and select the type of growing area.
  • Choose between the rural list and the urban list and select the list of beneficiaries.
  • Download the list of users.

You can check the list of beneficiaries of Rajasthan Palanhar above.

Palanhar Fare Status 2021 – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Palanhar Yojana application process?

Palanhar application facility is available at Rajasthan e Mitra Kendra. Also offline Palanhar application form is available at any constituency office i.e. constituency.

Oops bank details not updated?

When you enter the bank information in the Bamasha account, it will take time to renew the Palanhar Yojana account. In the long run, printed bank details will appear on the error page that have not been updated.

How to get payment information for Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana?

Payment information can be obtained at the Black Office, Bank or e-Mitra Center. Online payment level is available on Rajasthan Jan Sushna portal. You will also find payment information on the Palanhar Portal (Palanhar Rajasthan Government Hotel).


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