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Delhi Widow Daughter Marriage Plan 2021 | Delhi Widow’s Daughter Marriage Financial Assistance | Married to orphan girls Financial Assistance Plan 2021 | Widow Daughter Financial Assistance Scheme 2021 | Poor family daughter marriage plan 2021

Delhi Chief Minister Aam Aadmi Party chief Shri Arvind Kejriwal has launched several schemes from time to time to promote women. One of these projects Delhi Widow Daughter Marriage Plan 2021 Or Daughters of Poor Widows & Orphans Marriage Assistance Financial Assistance Scheme 2021. Interested user wcddel.in You can submit the online application form for this project by visiting Today’s article, we provide you with detailed information about this project.

Through our today’s article, we are going to tell you about what the Delhi government is doing. Widow Daughter Marriage Plan 2021 In this article, which provides complete information about, you will find complete information about the project application process, required documents, eligibility criteria and benefits and features. Citizens who wish to be beneficiaries under this scheme should read our article in full by the end.

Delhi Widow Daughter Marriage Plan 2021 PDF Form

We all know widowed women have to depend on others for their daily expenses. If a woman’s husband dies, there are a lot of problems with expenses in the family. Families who are not in the world of earning person are struggling with financial constraints. The biggest problem occurs when widowed women marry their daughter. Due to the financial crisis, widowed women could not afford to marry their daughters in luxury.

With this in mind the Delhi government Delhi Poor Widow’s Daughter and Orphan Girl Marriage Plan 2021 Has been launched. Through this scheme, widows can get financial assistance from the government of the national capital Delhi for the marriage of their daughters. Applications are invited by the Government of Delhi through Widowed Women. Interested applicants wcd.delhigovt.gov.nic.in You can go and submit your application form online After submitting the online application form, after such approval, the Delhi government will provide financial assistance to widowed women for the marriage of their daughter and orphaned daughters to their daughter.

Features and Benefits of Delhi Widow Daughter Marriage Plan 2021

Delhi Widow Daughter Marriage Plan 2021 Below is a list of benefits to be provided to the beneficiaries.

  • Only widowed women can apply for their daughter’s marriage under this scheme.
  • Under the scheme, Delhi government will provide financial assistance to widows for their daughter’s marriage.
  • The scheme has been launched to help widows get married and also for orphaned daughters.
  • What will be the grant amount for the marriage of the daughter of those women who are not financially well off and cannot afford to spend more money on their daughter’s wedding.
  • Under the Widow Daughter Marriage Assistance Scheme 2021, only two daughters of a family can receive financial assistance.
  • Financial assistance for the marriage of daughters of poor widowed women and for the marriage of orphaned daughters will be sent directly to the bank account of the beneficiary.
  • Women benefiting from the Delhi government 00 30000 check for daughter’s wedding Or it will be sent via ECS.

You should know it by reading above Delhi Widow Daughter Marriage Plan 2021 After all, what a lucrative project. According to the information available on the official website of the Government of Delhi About 3024 women in 2013-14 Granted for his daughter’s wedding. Similarly 1300 families in 2014-15 And As of 20 May 2015 2452 families The benefit of this project was reaped.

Documents and eligibility criteria for widowed daughter marriage

If you want to get a grant under this scheme for daughter’s marriage, you have to meet the eligibility criteria mentioned below.

Eligibility limit

  • The daughter applying under this must have resided in the State of Delhi for at least 5 years.
  • The daughter’s family income should not exceed ₹ 60,000 per year.
  • The daughter must have her own bank account and link it with the Aadhaar card.
  • The subsidized daughter should not be a beneficiary of any other marriage scheme conducted by the State or Central Government.
  • The applicant’s daughter must be married only after the age of 18.
  • Marriage allowance will be given only to the widow’s two daughters.

Breaking News:- The annual income of the families of the project beneficiaries is increased by the Government of Delhi from ₹ 60000 to 000 100000 per annum.

Required Documents

  • Copy of ration card
  • Certificate of Income
  • Caste certificate
  • Basic address proof
  • Birth certificate
  • Husband’s death certificate
  • wedding invitation
  • Letter written by MLA or MP

Delhi Widow Daughter Marriage Plan 2021 Apply Online

Women who want to avail benefits by applying under this scheme should apply through the method given below.

  1. Women are the first to apply under this scheme District Office Have to go inside
  2. After reaching the office, you should contact the concerned officer. Application letter To be asked to take.
  3. After receiving the application form, you have to fill in all the information asked in the country.
  4. After this (after filling the application form in full) all the above mentioned documents should be attached to it.
  5. Now you need to re-check all the information filled in the application form.


If all the information you have filled in the application form is correct then submit it to the concerned officer along with all the documents.
Thus, according to the above guidelines, you Delhi Widow Daughter Marriage Scholarship Scheme 2021 Can apply. For more information and assistance regarding the program, visit the District Office of the Department of Social Welfare and Women and Child Welfare and meet with officials. Go to the official website http://www.wcddel.in/downloads.html Click the link.


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