Petrol Pump Dealer Application: Eligibility, Land, Cost and Revenue

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Nowadays everyone wants to do big business and get good income. Every person wants to earn lakhs of rupees per month from such business or business college. Today we are going to tell you about such a business idea through which you can earn lakhs of rupees every month. That’s business Petrol Pump Dealership By playing cards, you can earn a good income every month.

We will provide you with this article Petrol Pump Dealership The complete process of applying and obtaining will be explained in detail. We tell you that after opening a petrol pump, a commission will be paid for one liter of petrol. If you send 1 liter of seaweed, you will earn a total of Rs.3.7. Similarly, if you sell 5000 liters of petrol, you will get 000 15000 commission directly. Some companies pay 2 as commission, according to which, if you send 5000 liters of petrol, you will get 00 10000 commission. This way you can earn up to 500000 in 1 month of opening the petrol pump.

How to apply to Petrol Pump Dealer Application

What is the application process for a petrol pump dealer => If you have too Petrol Pump Dealership If you want to earn 000 500000 monthly income after taking it and want to contribute to the economic development of the community, you have to fill and submit the application form provided by the petroleum companies. Currently, there are two major oil companies in the market in India, the first being Hindustan Petroleum and the other HP Petroleum.

Anyone wishing to open a petrol pump dealership or diesel pump dealership should apply to either of these two companies. These companies periodically place advertisements on various media sites to open new petrol pumps. Through this article of ours today, you will know in detail how to take a petrol pump dealership and what are the things required for this.

Eligibility rules for starting a petrol pump near me

What is the eligibility rule for taking a petrol pump dealership => If you want to earn several lakhs of rupees per month by getting a petrol pump dealership, you must first meet certain eligibility conditions and rules imposed by the petroleum companies. The eligibility conditions for picking up a petrol pump dealer are given below.

  • Anyone living in India is a resident of India Petrol Pump Dealership Can apply.
  • The age of opening of the petrol pump of the applicant should be minimum 21 years and maximum 60 years.
  • The person applying to the dealer must have passed at least 10th class and have the documents.

These are the only qualifying conditions for petroleum companies to open petrol pump dealerships in their area.

Investment and costs for opening a new petrol pump

How much to spend or how much to spend on a petrol pump dealership => If you also want to take a petrol pump dealership and earn a lot, the cost for this is not so much. The applicant who wants to open a petrol pump has to spend between Rs 20 and 2500000.

Other than that, if you want to open your own petrol pump in an urban area, this cost may increase slightly. To open a petrol pump in urban areas, you have to spend about 30 lakh rupees. It may cost more or less than what we specified to open the petrol pump. If you want to earn a good amount by opening your own petrol pump, we recommend that you first check the payment terms made by the Petroleum Company.

With this cost, you may have to incur some other expenses such as enhancing customer comfort at your petrol pump or spending in some special way on the people around your petrol pump. Expenses to open such as service

How much land does a petrol pump dealer need?

How much land is required to open a new petrol pump => If you want to open a petrol pump in your area, you must have land. Interested applicants who do not own land can lease land from anyone and open their own petrol pump. Through the points given below, we can tell you how much land you need to get a petrol pump dealership.

  • To open a new petrol pump after obtaining a petrol pump dealership, the applicant must have 1200 to 1600 square meters of land.
  • Urban areas require less land to open a new petrol pump. If you want to open a new petrol pump in the city, you must have at least 800 square meters of land.
  • As we mentioned above, if you do not own land, you can rent that land or lease it from someone. In such a case, along with the application form, the NOC certificate from the owner of the land should also be submitted.
  • With the NOC, the documents used when renting or leasing the land should also be submitted along with the application form.

After reading the points above, you should know how much land is needed to open a new petrol pump.

Profit and revenue from the new petrol pump

How much is earned and profit after opening a petrol pump or taking a dealership Once the petrol pump is opened, the income and profit from it will be for life. Through some of the points below, we have provided information on how much money you will make and how much profit you will make by opening the petrol pump.

  • After opening a petrol pump, you can earn a good amount and it will continue for the rest of your life.
  • After the sale of oil at diesel and petrol pumps, the owner of the petrol pump receives revenue in the form of commission paid by the petroleum companies.
  • If you send 1 liter of petrol to earn, you will get a commission of 3.7 rupees. In this case, if you send 5000 liters of petrol, you will get at least 000 15000 commission.
  • Similarly, if the petroleum company pays a commission of 2 per liter, you will get 00 10000 commission directly if you sell 5000 liters of petrol.
  • So you can earn up to 000 500000 in a month through commission and help the economic growth of the country.

By reading the points given above, you should know how profitable this business is. If you are thinking of starting a new business then that petrol pump dealership is a good option.

Procedure for Obtaining a New Petrol Pump Dealership

What is the process for obtaining a petrol pump dealership? If you want to open a petrol pump in your area, you need to apply to the Petroleum Company for this. The application for opening a new petrol pump is given below.

  • To pick up a petrol pump dealership, you must first look at the advertising offered by petroleum companies.
  • Advertisements are given by petroleum companies through various newspapers and other media for the distribution of petrol pump dealerships.
  • After receiving the advertisement for the petrol pump dealer, you have to submit your application form as mentioned in it through online or offline process.
  • After submitting the application form, the Petroleum Company will fully verify the application form you sent and the information and documents given in it.
  • Once the process of verifying all the documents and application forms is completed, the concerned officials of the Petroleum Company will inspect your land where you want to open the petrol pump.
  • If all the information, application form and documents are properly identified by the concerned authorities, you will be called to the office of the company for an interview.
  • After the interview, if you pass it, you will be licensed in your name by the Petroleum Company in your name so that you can open your new petrol pump.
  • Click here if you want to open your petrol pump under Hindustan Petroleum or click here if you want to apply under HP Petroleum.

So this way you can earn a huge income per month by opening a new petrol pump in your area. With petrol pump dealership distribution you can get a steady income for the rest of your life and you will not have to worry about money in the future.

Apply online for Petrol Pump Dealership Dealer

Time required: 30 min.

What is the Online Application Process for Petrol Pump Dealer Distribution => If you want to apply online to the petrol pump dealer, the process is very easy. Please follow the complete procedure given below and submit your application form.

  1. To get a petrol pump dealership you must first visit the official website of HD or Hindustan Petroleum.
  2. On the home page of the official website, there is an option to “Register”. You need to click on this option.
  3. After clicking on the option above, a registration form will open in front of you, in which you will have to fill in all the required information correctly.
  4. After completing the registration form, you will need to submit it online and obtain the user ID and password to log in to the website.
  5. Now with the help of this ID and password, you can log in to the official website of the Petroleum Company and click on the “Advertising Available” option.
  6. Of these, you have to click on the advertisement given for petrol pump dealer delivery information and you have to apply as per the information given in the advertisement.

    petrol pump dealer application

This way you can apply for petrol pump dealership delivery online following the procedure given above. If you need any assistance regarding the opening of a new petrol pump, you can contact the concerned officer of the Petroleum Company directly or call the contact number or helpline number. For any other help you can ask your question through the comment box below. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting our website.

If you have any quesry feel free to contact us


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