PFMS Payment Status – Check DBT & Scholarship Payment Status


The Public Finance Management System has developed an online PFMS payment system to track your fees. You can check your PFMS payment status by visiting the official website. Payment list and payment status are published at This requires your bank account number and bank name.

How to check PFMS payment status

On the fee level page of the PFMS website, you can find the State Grants, NSP, MNREGA, DPD Scheme, Federal Funding Scheme and other government fee levels. PFMS – There are two types of payment levels included on the PFMS homepage. Check PFMS login here.

Find out your payments to PFMS

The account number can be used to verify the PFMS payment status. To check PFMS payment status from account number, do –

  1. First go to PFMS and find out your payments.
  2. Write the name of your bank there.
  3. Below that enter your bank account number.
  4. Confirm your bank account number.
  5. Enter the security code and submit the form to verify the payment status.
pfms payment level
pfms payment level

Click here to find out your payments.

PFMS Track NSP Payments

You can check the nsp payment status on the PFMS website. The NSP Payment Tracking Page has been created for this purpose. To verify your NSP payment status, you will need your bank name, account number and NSP application ID. After this you can track NSP charges. To check NSP PFMS payment status, do –

  1. Go to PFMS’s NSP Payments page.
  2. Enter your bank name and number there.
  3. Then enter your NSP application number or application ID.
  4. After word verification, submit the fee level tracking form.
  5. Your PFMS payment status will be displayed there.

Click here to track NSP payments.

PFMS Scholarship Payment Status

The level of payment of various scholarships is shown on the NSP i.e. National Scholarship Portal. The fee list and status of all federal and state government grants are given. The list of PFMS scholarships is given here.

You can check the payment status of Central Grants on PFMS

  • Pre-Metric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities
  • Post-Minority Metric Scholarship Scheme
  • Merit cum Scholarship CS for professional and technical courses
  • Pre-Metric Scholarship for Disabled Students
  • Post-Matric Scholarship for Disabled Students
  • Scholarships for higher education for students with disabilities.
  • Best Class Education Program for SC Students
  • Financial Assistance for the Education of the Wards of Beaty / Cine / IOMC / LSTM Workers – Post-Metric
  • Financial Assistance for the Education of Wards of Beatty / Cine / IOMC / LSTM Workers’ Wards-Metric Pre
  • Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana Scholarship for Andhra Pradesh
  • National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students – Scholarship (formally best class education for Scheduled Tribe students) – for scholarship only
  • National Incentive Program for Secondary Education (NSIGSE)
  • National Means cum Merit Scholarship
  • Central Division Program of Scholarships for College and University Students
  • Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme for Central Armed Police and Assam Rifles
  • Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scam Wards / Utis Police Personal Mortgage Touring Terror / Naxal Attacks
  • Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme for RPF / RPSF

You can check the payment status of the given UGC Scholarship at PFMS –

  • Ishan Uday – Special Scholarship Scheme for Northeast Region
  • Fiji Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girls
  • Fiji Scholarship for University Rank Holders
  • Fiji Scholarship Scheme for SC / ST students

In addition, the payment status of state government grants can also be found on the PFMS fee status page.

Click here to see the payment status.


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