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PICME Login Portal is the official website for pregnancy and child joint monitoring and evaluation. The new PICME login page can be opened at picme.tn.gov.in Updated – The PICME & MRMBS login page can be found on the homepage of the PICME 2.0 website. Here is how you can log in to the Picme.tn.gov.in portal. Also, check out how to register online for a PICME number.

PICME login

The old PICME portal has been moved to the new PICME login page. To open the official PICME-Login Portal, all you have to do is-

How do I log in to the PICME login page?

  1. Visit Picme.tn.gov.in.

    First, you need to open it [ picme tn gov in ] Website. On the website, find the User Login Form.

  2. Go to the PICME login form

    Now, you have to go to the cursor for the user login form you see in front of you. Make sure you register before you sign in.

  3. Enter your PICME login ID or user ID

    Now, in the first box of the PICME login form, enter your USER ID.

  4. Enter the password and captcha code.

    After entering your login ID, enter your PICME login password in the second box. Enter the PICME login username and password and the captcha code displayed there.

  5. Click the Submit button to login.

    Now, check all the details you have filled in and move your cursor to the bottom of the page. Click the Submit button and you will be logged in.

New PICME login page


Full Form Joint monitoring and evaluation of pregnancy and child
Power Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Government of Tamil Nadu.
Mission NHM – National Health Service
Official PICME login page Click here to login

Check more – IFHRMS

PICME Login Registration

To sign up for a new PICME login account, you have two options –

  • PICME CSC Login Registration
  • Public PICME login registration.

How to register on PICME portal?

You have to choose the general option. Here is the step-by-step process for filling up the PICME Registration Form online –

  • Open https://picme.tn.gov.in/picme_public/
  • Fill out the pregnancy form in advance
  • Enter Pregnant Mother Name
  • Enter Building / Door / Flat No (Door Number / Building Number)
  • Enter Street No./Name and other details.
  • Select your administrative unit.
  • Choose Preferred day and time to Visit VHN
  • Enter and submit contact details.
PICME Registration
PICME Registration

Your PICME login registration will be done there.


For Kerala TSB Bank login, go tb online.kerala.gov.in.

Get an RCH ID or PICME number

Once you register on the PICME Registration website, you will have the option to choose the day and time of your VHM visit. VHM will help you later RCH ID registration process. You will be assigned your own RCHID. The average time to issue a new RCH ID in Tamil Nadu is one month. You can too Download Birth Certificate Using RCH ID or PICME number.

PICME number registration level check

Now, if you have already applied for a PICME number, you can use the following procedure to verify your PICME number registration status online –

  • Go to Picme.tn.gov.in website.
  • Go to the public registration page.
  • Click on the Pre-Registration Application ID Status link.
  • Open the Registration Status Check page.
  • Enter your PICME Registration Application ID on the form.
  • Submit and verify your PICME number status online.

PICME Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RCH ID?

RCH ID is a unique identification number issued to women in Tamil Nadu. This ID will help monitor pregnant women and provide them with health benefits by the government.

How to register PICME by call?


You can use toll free number 102 to register the pregnant mother in advance for PICME number or RCH ID.

How to view maternal RCH ID?

Visit the general page of Picme.tn.gov.in. There, in the Application Status option, you can view the mother’s RCHID.

Do I need proof of address for PICME registration?

No, you do not need any proof of address for PICME registration.

Is maternal proof required for PICME login registration?

No, Aadhaar is not mandatory for PICME number registration. However, it does help to reap the benefits of the maternity plan.

How much maternity benefit is offered after post PICME registration?

Depending on the eligibility criteria, the mother can get up to Rs 18,000 in maternity benefits if she registers on the PICME website.



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