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Many websites claim that you can download the Play Store on your Geo phone. According to a leading Indian technology website, Play Store processors can be downloaded through a web browser on a Geo phone. However, since KaiOS is the official operating system of the JIO phone, we wonder if it is possible to install APKs or Android applications on the phone. What our analysis says –

Installing Play Store on Geo Phone

JIO Phone does not support installing APK processors. The claims about Play Store download for JIO phone are fake. Since KaiOS does not support downloading processors through Google Play, one is unlikely to install the Play Store on a JIO phone.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not download any application that promises to provide Play Store access on the Geo phone.

JIO downloads the Play Store APK on the phone

By visiting some of the unofficial APK download websites of many YouTube channels, you can download the JIO Phone Play Store APK and then install it on your phone. Please be aware that this is not possible.

You can not download the Play Store APK for Geo Phone. No APK file can be installed on JIO phone. This can damage your device or give you other technical errors.

Installing Android Processor on Geo Phone

Is it possible to install Android processors on a Geo phone?

No, we cannot install Android apps or any other APK apps on JIO phone. Android app installation requires Android operating system. KaiOS does not provide the environment to install any Android processor.

Replacement Store Replacement for JIO Phone

Since we can’t install the Play Store on Geo Phone, here are some alternatives you can find on the Geo Phone app –

KaiOS Store

The official app store for the Geo phone is called the KaiOS Store. Since many Android apps are available in the KIOS Store, you can visit the official store URL and download the app directly from there.

How To Download Apps From KIOS Store On Geo Phone?

  1. Go to
  2. Select the type of application you want to download
  3. Search Android Processor to see if it is available
  4. If available, open the App page
  5. Download and save the app from the Store to Geo Phone

How To Download Play Store Processors On Geo Phone Using Kiosk Store. Please refrain from false articles promising to provide APK files for JIO phone.


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