PM Garib Kalyan Rojkar Yojana Form 2021

PM Garib Kalyan Rojkar Yojana Form 2021

PM Garib Kalyan Rojkar Yojana Form 2021

Karib Kalyan Rojkar Yojana Online Application Form – The Government of India has introduced the PM Kareeb Kalyan Yojana for the benefit of workers and job seekers in India. The Karib Kalyan Rojkar Yojana not only provides financial assistance but also helps people to find employment for migrant workers. Also, Prime Minister Kareeb Kalyan does not need to apply for the scheme online.

The application form is not provided, so the list of beneficiaries will not be created on the basis of the application. Instead, the PM Kareeb Kalyan Yojana list will be compiled according to the qualifications of the people and ration card holders / BPL card holders.

PM Garib Kalyan Rojkar Yojana Form 2021-Karib Kalyan Rojkar Yojana 2021 Application

The Karib Kalyan Rojkar project is one of the projects under PMGKY Yojana 2021. The Poor Welfare Placement Scheme focuses mainly on migrant workers. Anyone looking for employment under the Pradhan Mantri Karib Kalyan Rojkar scheme can now start filling up the application form online.

For that, you need to fill out an application form. Beneficiaries then have to check the eligibility for their application form. PMGKY eligibility can be verified in our article here. You can also check the status of Karib Kalyan Yojana online through the official website.

Carib Kalyan Rosker Plan Form Download

The application form of Karib Kalyan Roskar Yojana is given here. Download this form and print it out in PDF. You can then submit the Carib Kalyan Rosker Plan form to the nearest center or online.

You can also apply online if you wish.

Click here for application form – Download the application form


PM Garib Kalyan Rojkar Yojana Form 2021-Apply online for Karib Kalyan Rojkar Yojana

How to apply online for BM Karib Kalyan Rojkar Yojana?

  1. Visit your state’s official website
  2. Open the PMGKY page
  3. Go to the Migrant Labor Job Registration page
  4. Provide your skill registration details
  5. Provide your past work experience
  6. Upload your profile
  7. Submit the form and print the acknowledgment slip

You can apply online for Karib Kalyan Rojkar Yojana using the Skills Registration Form. See the list of Karip Kalyan Rojkar website for your state.

PM Karib Kalyan Yojana Application Status Test

How to check Pradhan Mantri Karib Kalyan Yojana 2021 application status online?

  • Go to your State Skills Registration Portal
  • Now enter your application number
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Submit and verify application status

If you do not have an application reference number, you can easily verify your BM Karip Kalyan Yojana Registration Reference Number in the SMS Receipt.

Cheque – Prime Minister Karib Kalyan Yojana List

PM Garib Kalyan Rojkar Yojana Form 2021

Information on Poor Welfare Employment Campaign in Hindi

Karib Kalyan Rojkar Abhiyan Carib Kalyan Abhiyan, run by the government, has made it a priority to provide employment to all. It is said to be the new government of the Modi government. NREGA That is, a program that provides employment for all. Read information about Prime Minister Karib Kalyan Roskar Abhiyan here –

Who will benefit from the employment campaign?


Whoever comes on the Karbib Kalyan Yojana eligibility list, he will get the benefit of the employment campaign. The benefit of this scheme will be given to those who have registered their labor.

When will the Karib Kalyan Roskar Yojana start?

As announced, the Karib Kalyan Rosker Yojana 2020 was launched in June. Now new people will be registered in this campaign.


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