PPMP Property Tax Payment Online 2021

PPMP Property Tax Payment Online 2021

PPMP Property Tax Online Payment – Bangalore Property Tax (PPMP) online payment process on the official website portal. You can print out the receipt, salon and application form on the official website.

PPMP Property Tax Payment Online 2021-About PPMP Property Tax

What is PPMP Property Tax

PPMP is commonly referred to as the Bangalore Property Tax, which is the main source of income for the state of Bangalore in India. The tax is used for state development activities such as public utility maintenance, pay of civil servants, construction and repair of drainage system. The state government of Bangalore is calculating on the government of someone who takes property tax to digital level and establishes an online payment system for taxpayers. Taxpayers of the State of Bangalore can easily pay their property tax using the official website portal. Bruhat Bangalore Metropolitan Corporation (PPPM) levies tax.

PPMP Property Tax Payment Online 2021-Bangalore Property Tax

What is Bangalore Property Tax?

A lot of details are attached to the PPMP taxpayer. They must comply with the authority to avoid penalties. However PPMP checks various issues including the value of the property and the amount to be paid to each property owner. Various issues with PPMP verification include:

  • Classification of assets as residential or commercial
  • Annual value of the property
  • Zonal classification and dimensions of property
  • Each floor is the construction area and the bulk built area
  • Foundation and all floors of the property

PPMP Property Tax Payment Online 2021-PPMP Property Tax Payment

PPMP Property Tax Payment Online 2021

All people with certain assets must pay taxes to the state at the end of the fiscal year. If the property owner forgets to pay the tax amount on time, he will have to pay longer tax with the specified amount. On the other hand, if the property owner pays the tax in advance, he will get a 5% discount. All property owners in the state of Bangalore are required to pay tax before April 30. They can make payments through the online process by following these steps:


PPMP Property Tax Online Tax Payment Procedure

  1. Visit the official PPMP Property Tax website portal
  2. From the Home page, fill in the SAS / Property ID number and then proceed with the Acquisition option.
  3. Property owner details will be displayed on your screen, but if you do not remember the application number click on the Renew Application Number option
  4. Fill out the previous year’s application for a SAS or PID number and proceed further
  5. Owner details will appear on your screen using previous year details and click Confirm to proceed next
  6. You will be redirected to a new page showing Form IV, enter all the mandatory information according to your property
  7. If the property owner wishes to make some changes such as occupation, property use, dimensions and other property related details. Then click the Continue option and enter the changes that appear in Form 5
  8. Check all the information carefully and pay. You can choose from online or from the salon where you need to deposit at the nearest PPMP office
  9. If you have online payment owners, you can pay by e-wallet, debit card, credit card, etc. You will receive your payment receipt within 24 hours of payment.
  10. Download and print out the receipt for future reference

PPMP Property Tax Payment Online 2021-PPMP Property Tax Form

If The If the property owner encounters any problems, he can be contacted here:

Zonal office number and date of payment of property tax

Official hours for paying taxes at BBMP are 9am to 12:30pm and 3pm to 7pm. However property owners also have the option to pay their taxes at the tax offices or by using the helpline numbers following the instructions they have paid. For late payment, 2% will be charged every month. To avoid this situation you can pay tax in two installments before 30Th April. On the other hand you get a 5% discount on taxes.

PPMP Property Tax Terms

Substantial assets under BBMP tax

  • All residential properties for rent or residential use
  • Department buildings
  • Coupons and Office Buildings
  • All commercial buildings
  • All apartments

PPMP Property Tax Payment Online 2021-PPMP Property Tax Calculator

BBMP tax calculation process

PPMP (Bangalore Property Tax) is calculated in three different ways as follows:

  • Annual rental value system

In the annual rental value system, the Bangalore property tax is calculated on the total annual rent of the entire property and then taxed based on the expected value.

In this tax calculation method, the market value of the property determines the value of the tax on the property involved.

Property is charged at a unit price per unit property tax in the unit area tax calculation.


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